Acknowledge NH-INBRE

How to Acknowledge NH-INBRE in your Publications and Presentations

There is tremendous pressure on NIH budget and IDeA must fight to protect its funding; the best tool is demonstration of productivity.  Papers have the most value to IDeA when they specifically acknowledge NH-INBRE by grant number as noted in our website.  We think that acknowledging NH-INBRE is very easy and costs the authors nothing to do, and is exceptionally valuable for NH-INBRE and IDeA.

The following criteria should be used to determine if NH-INBRE should be acknowledged in your publications, presentations, posters, press releases etc.

  • Work directly funded by NH-INBRE as a project.
  • Work received supplies through RSTG support or equipment exchange.
  • Work utilized RSTG funded students.
  • Work utilized equipment that was provided by NH-INBRE through direct funding, RSTG funding or equipment exchange.
  • Work utilized space whose renovation was supported by NH-INBRE.
  • Work utilized access to Dartmouth Library provided by NH-INBRE for journal article access.
  • Work utilized shared resources at Dartmouth, or UNH or bioinformatics at UNH.
  • Work utilized students who received laboratory safety training through the Dartmouth EH+S training system.

Please include this acknowledgement on NH-INBRE supported work, “Research supported by New Hampshire- INBRE through an Institutional Development Award (IDeA), P20GM103506, from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the NIH”.  Inclusion of the grant number is extremely important because the grant number is what will be searched on for administrative purposes.For presentations, download the NH-INBRE logo and IDeA logo on this page and include these on your poster or electronic presentation.

Download NH-INBRE Logo

Compliance with NIH Public Access Policy

The NIH public access policy requires scientists to submit final peer-reviewed journal manuscripts that arise from NIH funds to PubMed Central immediately upon acceptance for publication. A valid PMCID# reflects successful submission to PubMed Central.

How to Submit Journal Articles to PubMed Central

The NIH Public Access website provides instructions to assist in submitting publications to PubMed Central and complying with the policy:

There are various ways for authors to ensure the paper is submitted to PMC: The method of submittal is dependent on the journal that is publishing the article. Some journals submit automatically to PMC and some don’t. The NIH publishes a list of the status of various journals. If the journal is listed here: then the PMCID happens without any other author involvement. If the journal doesn’t automatically submit to PMC, some journals may submit to PMC if the author acknowledges NIH grant support in their article. The author has the responsibility to make sure the paper is submitted to PMC by determining the best method for their journal.

View the Dartmouth Office of Sponsored Projects presentation on the Public Access Policy and MyNCBI here: Publication Compliance

For questions on the above policies contact Jennifer J. Therriault, NH-INBRE Program Manager at