Mentoring with NH-INBRE Alumni

Some of the most successful people, no matter what their profession may be, can attribute some of their accomplishments to others – mentors, advisors, counselors, etc. We are fortunate at NH-INBRE to have a large and rich pool of alumni engaged in various biomedical careers who can work as mentors with students ("mentees") in the NH-INBRE program. The NH-INBRE Alumni Board will pair mentors and mentees based on both parties' interests, education, and experience.

Mentoring is a partnership between the mentor and mentee that focuses on the mentee's growth and development. Mentors can help students in many ways, including thinking through the choice of career paths, preparing for interviews, reviewing resumes, and introducing students to people in the mentor's network who might be helpful.

Our main goal is this: to help as many students as possible get the most out of their time with NH-INBRE by preparing them for the future that lies ahead. To aid in students' success so that they are prepared and confident to tackle the world that lies ahead of them.

Please refer to the guidelines for mentors and mentees to help you get the most out of your mentoring relationship. If you have questions, please direct them to Haley Zanga at:

With the subject line as NH-INBRE Mentoring

Guidelines for Mentors

Please fill out this short form with your information so we can best match you with a student. If you have any questions, please reach out to Haley Zanga or Daniel Henderson at (Subject: Mentor Intake).

Mentor Intake Form

Guidelines for Mentees

Please fill out this short form to help us best pair you with the right mentor. If you have any questions, please reach out to the NH-INBRE Alumni Advisory Board chair, Haley Zanga @ (Subject: ((Your name)) Student Intake).

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