2023 NH-INBRE Annual Meeting

August 7-8, 2023

Omni Mount Washington Resort

Bretton Woods, NH


All students, faculty and Administration will need to register themselves for the annual meeting using the registration form below.

Room reservation and payment will be submitted to the hotel directly by the NH-INBRE Steering Committee (SC) member from your home institution.  Please consult with your SC member if you plan on attending the annual meeting.  You can find the list of Steering Committee members HERE

All attendees (including students) will be required to present a credit card to be kept on file for incidentals.

Steering Committee Members

Room Reservations:  The RSTG PI/Steering Committee Member at each Partner Institution is responsible for submitting a room reservation list for your meeting attendees to Barbara Kluchnick, bkluchnick@omnihotels.com at the Omni Mount Washington Hotel by July 7, 2023

Room Payment: Partner Institutions are responsible for payment of their attendees’ rooms. *The resort will no longer offer direct billing for individual colleges that are coming to the INBRE conference.   The resort has been changing many credit policies over the last couple of years due to Covid and the increased financial risk. Institutions will now be required to pay 50% upon booking rooms with the final balance due 10 days prior to arrival.   This should not cause too many issues except when faculty/students cancel within that 10-day window before the meeting.  Funds for those rooms will not be reimbursed.

*new process

Meeting Registration

Registration ends June 30, 2023

Student Resources


Posters should be 4′ x 3′, Landscape. Poster set up will be on 4' x 3' felt boards on table easels and can be mounted with push pins (provided) or other means such as command strips, tape, etc.

Presentation and poster guidelines to promote transparency
Poster Presenters are encouraged to use badges to convey incorporation of specific experimental methods in PowerPoint and poster presentations.  These badges should be incorporated into PowerPoint slides or in the legends of poster presentation images displaying key findings. We recommended that symbols be 0.5” high by 0.5” wide and large enough to be visible by audience members, but not so large that they overwhelmed the figure or slide.

Poster Abstract

Abstract deadline - July 24, 2023