Articles by: Susan Green

Luis Rosa: Supporting Medical Students’ Wellbeing

Luis Rosa: Supporting Medical Students’ Wellbeing

An advocate for underrepresented students, Luis Rosa, MEd, LCMHC, has spent the better part of his career focusing on their mental health needs. He now works with Geisel’s Counseling Services team where he continues his dedication to the wellbeing of Black, LGBTQ, and multi-racial students.

Arvind Suresh ’23, Katherine Heflin ’23, Nikki Ratnapala ’23, Irene Vargas ’23, Tim Reiner ’23, Evette Ronner ’23, Amal Cheema ’23, Emily Pengelly ’23, and Katie Edwards.

Geisel Students Care for Those Struggling with Homelessness During Pandemic

The Homeless Healthcare Outreach Program, a collaboration between Geisel medical students, Upper Valley Haven, and Good Neighbor Health Clinic, supports those experiencing homelessness in a time of increased health and economic vulnerability. Results of this initiative are described in “Lessons from a Free Clinic During Covid-19: Medical Students Serving Individuals Experiencing Homelessness Using Tele-Health” in the October issue of The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management.