Biomedical Illustration Services

Vinnie FrancisAbout Vinnie Francis

Vinald ‘Vinnie’ Francis is a trained Medical Illustrator. His primary focus is biological medical illustration, including surgical illustration and graphics depicting physiological processes. He also produces cellular and molecular illustrations as well as biomedical graphics.

He has a BFA in Medical Illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art where he completed his anatomical coursework at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He has almost two decades of experience working in both clinical and academic settings as a medical illustrator and digital media manager.

Biomedical Illustration Services

Broadly, medical illustration helps to record and disseminate medical, anatomical, and related knowledge. The scope can range from whole organism to the microscopic. More specifically, biomedical illustration is a specialist discipline that combines art, medicine, and science. It is the art of visually communicating the structure and specific details of biological subjects of study, including anatomy, biologic functions, surgical procedures and more.

Examples of biomedical illustrations by Vinnie Francis:

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All forms of medical illustration entail a collaborative process. The illustrator works with scientists, physicians, and other specialists to create materials for education, research, patient care, public health, litigation, promotion, and a variety of other applications. This new service provided through the Geisel School of Medicine Office of Communications adheres to the following process:

  1. Intake Form: Helps to assess the nature of the request.
  2. Intake Meeting: Client and Illustrator discuss the content of the request, share relevant materials, set up shared folders and communication preferences, and set internal deadlines.
  3. Check-ins: Client and Illustrator coordinate online, share feedback, make adjustments, and hold follow-up zoom meetings, if needed.
  4. Delivery: Final files are delivered in the specified format and file size or physical dimensions.

Current bandwidth will allow for up to 4-5 projects (depending on scope and detail) at any given time, and requests are responded to on a first come, first served basis, with exceptions.

Given the appropriate amount of lead time until deadline, additional requests may be accepted and placed in a queue.

There is currently no charge for these services. Depending on the volume and complexity of the request, allow 2 – 6 weeks to complete.


Vinnie uses a consultative process to determine if submitted requests fall within the scope of his areas of expertise. In some cases, he may provide advice on a requested illustration and is proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Medical illustration services are available to faculty, staff, postdocs, medical students, and graduate students.

Medical Illustration Intake Form

The intake form is used to ensure that the requests submitted fall within the range of skills and resources available. In order to determine feasibility of the request, Vinnie will take into account the full scope of work. Prioritization of projects will include but not be limited to internal and external due dates and whether or not the scope of work is within the field of biomedical illustration.

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