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Ex-Astronaut Launches Training Kit for Coping With Self-Isolation – The Guardian

Read article – Quotes Jay Buckey, professor of medicine and adjunct professor of engineering, in a feature story about how he launched an online self-help toolkit aimed at replicating the kind of training designed to help astronauts cope with confinement in small spaces for extended periods. The online training, called the Dartmouth Path Program, was developed to determine how the space program can manage pressures brought on by long-duration spaceflight. “It’s challenging to be isolated with a small group of people and to not be able to get away,” said Buckey. “Outer space and your own living room might be drastically different physically, but emotionally the stressors can be the same.”

I’m About to Graduate From Medical School, and I’m Ready to Join the Coronavirus Fight – Hartford Courant

Read article – An opinion piece by Christiaan Rees, Geisel ’16, Guarini ’18, in which he discusses how some medical schools are being asked to expedite the graduation of fourth-year students who would be willing to begin their residency early, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Rees reflects on his fellow classmates’ response to COVID-19, and medical students’ willingness to help. “I had envisioned that my final three months of medical school would be an opportunity to rejuvenate before beginning what will undoubtedly be one of the most trying years of my training,” says Reese. “I had planned to travel—to drive cross-country and to hike in the Rocky Mountains. I had hoped to think a little less about science and a little more about art—to read, to watch films, to frequent the woodworking studio again. But if I am summoned, I will go without either reservation or regret.”

COVID-19 Outcomes Depended on Preventative Care as Much as Pandemic Preparedness – in-Training

Read article – An opinion piece by Cassie Kosarek, Geisel ’20, in which she discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized the importance of preventative care. “I am impressed by the dedication of my attending physicians and residents. Many are coming in early; more are leaving late. Residents who were supposed to have time off have stepped in for their quarantined colleagues. Overall, I am proud to be joining this guild,” says Kosarek. “But I am also coming of age in medicine at a time when it has become obvious that heroic healthcare workers and our reactionary methods are no longer sustainable. Our lack of preparedness and de-emphasis on chronic disease prevention likely portends worse health outcomes for many COVID-19 patients.”