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Surveillance Colonoscopy ‘May Be Overutilized’ in Older Adults With Lower Life Expectancy – Healio

Read article – Audrey Calderwood, an associate professor of medicine and of the Dartmouth Institute, is featured in an article about surveillance colonoscopies. “We have observed in clinical care that colonoscopy for monitoring in patients with a history of colon polyps is sometimes performed when people are of advanced age and/or when people may not be in the best health due to other medical problems or have competing health priorities,” Calderwood said.

Marriage, Children Tied to Earnings Penalty for Female Physicians – HealthDay News

Read article – Features research by Lucy Skinner, MED ’21, ’23, in an article about pay differences for female and male physicians. “Addressing the barriers that lead to women working fewer hours could contribute to a reduction in the male-female earnings gap while helping to expand the effective physician workforce,” Skinner said. (Picked up by Southwest Iowa Herald.)

How Immune Are We? Why Answering This Question Is Essential for Post-Pandemic Life – Los Angeles Times

Read article – Cody Meissner, a professor of pediatrics and medicine, is featured in an article about the extent of Americans’ immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19. “This virus is like the wind—you can’t stop the wind,” Meissner said. “It’s going to continue to mutate and become more infectious. But as long as we can protect against severe disease at this stage of the pandemic, I can live with that.”