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Names to Know: New Promotions in the Health Care Community – Foster’s Daily Democrat

Read article – Quotes Duane Compton, dean of the Geisel School of Medicine, in a news brief announcing that Lisa McBride was named as the associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion at Geisel. “I am delighted to welcome Dr. McBride,” said Compton. “She brings a depth of experience to our school, and I am excited to begin working with her to support our student programs.”

Research Team Receives $7 Million Funding Award to Study Most Effective Way of Sharing Clinic Visit Information With Older Adults – Sciencemag

Read article – Features Paul Barr, an associate professor of biomedical data science and of The Dartmouth Institute, in an article about his research team that has received a five-year, $7 million funding award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. The team will assess the effectiveness of visit information provided to older adult patients and caregivers on quality of life.

COVID in California: Kids’ Shots Falter—Less Than 3% Vaccinated Under Age Five – San Francisco Chronicle

Read article – A study by researchers at the Geisel School of Medicine is featured in an article about COVID-19 vaccines and mask mandates in Los Angeles county. The study found that young children scored comparably on a test measuring nonverbal intelligence—whether or not they or the test administrators wore masks. The findings help to alleviate concerns that face masks may interfere with testing by hiding administrators’ facial expressions.

Loneliness Among Older People: A Research Roundup and Five Tips for Covering the Topic – The Journalist’s Resource

Read article – Quotes Renee L. Pepin, an assistant professor of community and family medicine, in an article featuring her co-authored study into improving social connectedness among the housebound elderly. “A next step for this line of research is absolutely to see, does it work the same way or similarly if we actually do employ people who work within these agencies to deliver this intervention?” Pepin said.

Dartmouth Innovations Accelerator for Cancer: Helping Discoveries Get From the Lab to the Patients – New Hampshire Union Leader

Read article – Features Steven Leach, a professor of molecular and systems biology, surgery, and medicine, and the director of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, in an article about the Dartmouth Innovations Accelerator for Cancer that has funded its second round of grants targeted at research to fight cancer. The three winning teams include Arti Gaur, an assistant professor of neurology, Jordan Isaacs, Guarini ’24, and Divya Ravi, Guarini ’24; Michael Cole, a professor of molecular and systems biology, and Edmond J. Feris, Guarini ’19, a research associate; and Jiwon Lee, an assistant professor of engineering, Seungmin Shin, a post-doctoral fellow, and Nicholas Curtis, Thayer ’24.