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Valley Parents: Addressing Big Topics – Valley News

Read article – Quotes Michael Lyons, clinical assistant professor of community and family medicine, about the best way to talk to kids about sexuality. “This is a part of all humans,” says Lyons. “It’s so odd that it’s so much a part of everyone’s body and we don’t talk about it. It seems like something that could be smoother, easier, and give people a better sense of well-being and help avoid abuses.”

New Hampshire’s Opioid Crisis Looms Over Marijuana Legalization Debate – The Boston Globe

Read article – Quotes Gilbert Fanciullo, active emeritus professor of anesthesiology, in an article about how New Hampshire lawmakers recently held up the state’s opioid epidemic as a chief reason why, or why not, to legalize marijuana. “Cannabis is not a gateway drug,” says Fanciullo. He added that under legalization, the state could see a decrease in substance abuse because “people will substitute cannabis for other, more harmful drugs.”

Thyroid Cancer Concerns No Greater With Active Surveillance – Medscape (registration required)

Read article – Quotes Louise Davies, associate professor of surgery and of The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, about a study she coauthored that examined the burden of concern for patients with thyroid cancer who are under active surveillance. “It is reassuring to find that the burden of concern, such as worry, is similar between patients who are treated and those who are surveilled,” says Davies.

Free Well Tests Offered – Mount Desert Islander

Read article – A College of the Atlantic earth sciences professor and her students are offering free testing of private wells on Mount Desert Island, Me., for arsenic and other minerals. The College of the Atlantic study is rooted in the “All About Arsenic” education initiative, a collaborative project initiated by the MDI Biological Laboratory and Dartmouth College.

Better Interior Design Might Keep Astronauts Healthier and Happier in Deep Space – The Verge

Read article – Quotes Jay Buckey, professor of medicine and adjunct professor of engineering, in an article about how the interior design of a spacecraft can potentially affect the behavior of the passengers. Buckey, a former NASA astronaut, comments on the Russian cosmonaut Valentin Lebedev, who wrote about his strained experience spending 211 days on board a tiny space station called Salyut-7 in 1982, with just one other crew member. “It’s a really compelling story because there were periods of time they weren’t even talking to each other,” says Buckey. “They had a really high rate of psychosocial problems, part of which might have been due to the environment they were in.”

There’s Arsenic and Lead in Many Brands of Fruit Juice. Should You Be Concerned? – WABE via NPR

Read article – Continued coverage of comments by Margaret Karagas, the James W. Squires Professor and chair of epidemiology, and professor of community and family medicine; and Carolyn Murray, assistant professor of medicine, community and family medicine, and of The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice; in an article about a new report conducted by the consumer-advocacy organization Consumer Reports that tested 45 fruit juices, including apple, grape and juice blends, and found that 21 of them had “concerning levels” of cadmium, arsenic, and/or lead.