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Stop Antibiotics Once Incisions Are Closed, Updated SSI Guidance Says – Healio

Read article – Michael Calderwood, an associate professor of medicine, is featured in an article about the use of antibiotics after an incision is closed. “Our hope is that hospitals and health care teams will review the updated guidelines for support of current prevention practices and adoption of new standards targeted at our high reliability goal of zero harm,” Calderwood said.

The Gender Pay Gap for Female Doctors Is Deepest for Those Who Are Also Mothers – WBUR

Read article – Lucy Skinner, MED ’21, ’23, is featured in an article about her research that finds female doctors get paid significantly less over the course of their careers if they’re married and have children compared to male doctors who have children. “Having access to day cares at hospital systems, as well as having equal maternity and paternity leave, would normalize both men and women taking time off to take care of children,” Skinner said. (Picked up by WLRN, NPR Illinois, and others.)

Kentucky Cannabis Experts Weigh In on Benefits and Drawbacks of Marijuana Use – Link NKY via WCPO

Read article – Features comments by Alan Budney, a professor of psychiatry and biomedical data science, in an article about marijuana use. “We ran some studies and it turned out cannabis withdrawal looks like tobacco withdrawal, and a good percentage of these people who use a lot of cannabis end up with the same withdrawal symptoms,” Budney said.

U.S. Should Have Attacked COVID Like a Foreign Invasion, Experts Say. Have We Learned Any Lessons? – USA Today

Read article – Kendall Hoyt, a senior lecturer of engineering and assistant professor of medicine, is listed as one of the authors of the new book Lessons From the COVID War. In the book, Hoyt and over 30 other experts from the worlds of policy, public health, science, biodefense, and patient advocacy examine how the U.S. lost the pandemic war. (Picked up by MSN.)

The Great Resignation: Survival Strategies for Pediatric Practice – Contemporary Pediatrics

Read article – Andrew Schuman, a clinical assistant professor of pediatrics, writes a column about navigating pediatric practice through staffing shortages and increased workloads. “We need to reinvent our practices and create a better medical home for our patients,” Schuman said. “For many providers, this is long overdue and should be seen as an opportunity rather than a hardship.”