The MoodCapture App May See That You’re Depressed Before You Do – The Daily Beast

Read article - Features Andrew Campbell, a professor of computer science, in an article about his co-authored study wherein he, alongside Arvind Pilla, Guarini; Subigya Nepal, Guarini; and Nicholas Jacobson, an assistant professor of biomedical data science and psychiatry, developed an app powered by AI to detect signs of depression using cell phone facial recognition software. "The model focuses on a myriad of facial features, including expressions stemming from muscle activations, eye gaze, head pose, and the 2D/3D locations of various face landmarks such as lips and eyes," Campbell said. "AI is used to derive meaningful insights from each image, including factors like lighting conditions, the number of people in the image, dominant colors, photo location, and background objects." (Picked up by Yahoo! News.)