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Alison Holmes, MD, Bonny Whalen, MD, and Steve Chapman, MD, received the Academic Pediatric Association's Health Care Delivery award. Not pictured Julia Frew MD, and Daisy Goodman, DNP, MPH.

Five Geisel Faculty Win National Healthcare Delivery Award

Bonny Whalen, MD, Steve Chapman, MD, Alison Holmes, MD, Julia Frew, MD (MED ’05), and Daisy Goodman, DNP, MPH (TDI ’14), received the Academic Pediatric Association’s (APA) Health Care Delivery award for their work with mothers and newborns with opioid dependence. The award acknowledges innovative and effective programs that provide healthcare in the context of a teaching setting involving medical students and/or residents.

Kellogg Connector Bridge Closure

As a part of the Dana construction project there is new work to be done at the connector between the Kellogg bridge and Remsen. The scope includes demolishing a portion of the existing bridge enclosure, and rebuilding a slightly larger area. This will require the connector and bridge between Remsen and Kellogg to be closed from July 1, 2019, through June 30th, 2020.

Dartmouth Library System Change

On June 12, the Dartmouth College Library is transitioning to a new catalog system. We do not expect this change to substantially affect our users, though you will notice that the interface to search for books looks different. However, once the migration is complete any bookmarked links to your library account, the library catalog search, or specific journal or book records will no longer work and will need to be updated. DartDoc, Borrow Direct, and links directly into databases are not affected. By the end of the week of the June 12, a new catalog search box should be visible on the Biomedical Libraries website that you can use to search for items and update your bookmarked links.

DHMC Loop Road Construction and Parking Update

As an update to the Loop Road construction project, there is a slight delay in starting phase 3 of the project, which means that the traffic pattern will continue in phase 2 until 5 pm on Tuesday, June 11. That means that the Lot 9 shuttle service will not change until that time as well. As of Wednesday, June 12, the Lot 9 shuttle service will only pick-up and drop-off at the North Tower shuttle stop.