DHMC Loop Road Construction and Parking Update


Loop Road Construction Update

First, thank you for your continued patience with the Loop Road construction project. As an update, we have a slight delay in starting phase 3 of the project, which means that the traffic pattern will continue in phase 2 (see map linked here) until 5 pm on Tuesday, June 11. That means that the Lot 9 shuttle service will not change until that time as well. As of Wednesday, June 12, the Lot 9 shuttle service will only pick-up and drop-off at the North Tower shuttle stop.

Parking Policy Update

Thank you for your support of our parking policies. Since the Parking Fine Program went into effect in March to help improve access for patient parking, the number of employees parking in patient areas has decreased. This has made it easier for patients and families to access our services, which supports Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s mission.

We continue to monitor and evaluate use of our current parking spaces and are committed to identifying and making improvements. Thus, I am pleased to share the following:

Expanded Shuttle Service to Lot 9: We have extended Advance Transit shuttle service to Lot 9. One bus will provide service between the East Entrance and Lot 9 between 6 and 7:30 pm. The last bus to Lot 9 will depart from the East Entrance at 7:30 pm. This is intended to make Lot 9 parking more accessible to those who complete their workday after 6 pm. We continue to collaborate with Advance Transit and hope to extend service to Lot 9 to 8 pm in the future.

Parking for On-call Staff: Effective immediately, on-call clinical staff may park on the top level of the parking garage when called in to DHMC during regular business hours (Mon.-Fri., 8 am to 5 pm). In order to use this option you must:

  • Contact Security at (603) 650-7896 or DH_SecurityNorth@hitchcock.org. Please consider adding this information to your phone for ease of access.
  • Tell Security that you are going to park on the top level of the garage because you were called in to respond to patient care need.
  • Provide your name, your unit/department, vehicle description and license plate number.

Thank you for your continued support of our parking policies.

Please continue to share your parking feedback and improvement ideas by sending an email to DH_SecurityNorth@hitchcock.org.