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Would you like to submit something to appear in the Monday Insider newsletter? Use the form below to submit an idea including a news story, event, or announcement. For a Featured Story, an image is required. For an In Brief story, 2-3 sentences is preferred and no image is required.

Sections of the Insider include Featured Stories and In Brief. Featured Stories include an image, text, and a link. In Brief stories include just text. We will determine which section your story falls under based on content provided. If you'd like to submit an event, please consider submitting to the Geisel Events Calendar instead, instructions below.

Geisel Events Calendar

Need to advertise your event? Add it to the Geisel Events Calendar! Anyone at Geisel may post items to the EventsCalendar (no log in is required) but these events must be approved by the event moderators before appearing online. You may also request an Events Calendar account, which allows users to publish events without the need for approval. The advanced permissions will also give you the ability to edit events you’ve already posted and create recurring events. Please contact the Geisel Webmaster ( to request your Events Calendar account. 

Events published on the Events Calendar will be shared via RSS feed and shared in the Geisel Insider newsletter. Also, these RSS feeds can be added to any Geisel website (like a department site). Visit the link below to learn how to post your events to the Events Calendar. 

Use this link -

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