Physicians for Human Rights Regional Student Conference

Please join us for Dartmouth's 2018 Regional Physicians for Human Rights Conference, titled "The 50%: The Changing Arc of Women's Rights"! The event will be held on Jan. 19th and 20th at Dartmouth's Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center. Come join a discussion of the intersectional and reciprocal impacts of business, law, and socioeconomics on women's rights.

On Friday, January 19th at 6:30PM the documentary, "It's Criminal" will be screened, chronicling the plight of incarcerated women, followed by a panel discussion with the film director Signe Taylor and Dr. Ivy Schweitzer. Saturday, Jan. 20th will feature speakers ranging from Dr. Holly Atkinson, director of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine's Human Rights Clinic for Asylum Seekers, and Linds Jakows, the campaign manager for Freedom New Hampshire, to workshop leaders like Abby Tassel from WISE, and Susannah Sirkin, the Physicians for Human Rights Director of International Policy and Partnerships.

For more information and FREE registration, visit our website:

Please join us for an educational and interactive event that will tackle some of today's most relevant and important topics! The event is free and open to all!