Geisel Launches $250M Fundraising Campaign

The Geisel School of Medicine has launched a $250 million fundraising campaign as part of Dartmouth’s institution-wide campaign, The Call to Lead, announced on April 27, 2018.

Interaction: The Campaign for Dartmouth Medicine will amplify the medical school’s academic vitality and global impact, elevating Geisel’s stature as a community of scholars and learners with an outsized influence in forging new solutions and leading improvements in healthcare.

The Geisel School of Medicine is distinctive among medical schools for its equal strength in biomedical discovery and health systems science. With Dartmouth-Hitchcock as its primary clinical partner, Geisel integrates these two branches of medicine to multiply the impact of its research and educational programs. Its graduates extend the school’s influence, taking with them an ability to lead positive change in healthcare while embracing Geisel’s commitment to keeping patient values and goals at the heart of care.

Interaction, the campaign theme, reflects Geisel’s deeply collaborative culture, which reaches across Dartmouth and Dartmouth-Hitchcock, sparking advances in medical education, basic science, clinical research, healthcare delivery, and population health.

“This campaign will catalyze a new and exciting chapter for our medical school,” says Duane Compton, PhD, dean of the Geisel School of Medicine. “We’ve worked hard in recent years to align our resources to our core missions and to establish a stable, long-term financial model, and we are well positioned to ensure that new philanthropic investments have maximum impact.”

Discovery and Delivery: Building on Geisel’s Strengths

The Interaction campaign is focused on three strategic imperatives where philanthropic investments over the next five years will drive successes that are both core and cutting edge:

  • Educate Complete Physicians: Geisel will set the standard in training compassionate physicians who possess outstanding clinical skills, a deep understanding of the scientific basis of health and disease, proficiency in delivering patient-centered care in complex social and economic environments, and the ability to improve the systems in which they work.
  • Pursue Bold Ideas: Building on its rich history of discovery and innovation, Geisel investigators will approach complex challenges from fresh angles by working across disciplines to reveal the scientific underpinnings of health and disease. They will apply their discoveries to develop personalized and patient-centered approaches to disease treatment and prevention and to improve health outcomes.
  • Transform Healthcare: Geisel will lead the discovery, evaluation, and dissemination of healthcare solutions that address the urgent problems of spiraling costs, inconsistent quality, and inequity, with a focus on creating systems of care in which decisions are guided by patients’ values and goals. Its educational programs will prepare leaders of change in healthcare.

Through the Interaction campaign, Geisel will attract new support for its innovative medical education program, student scholarships, and its Center for Health Equity. The campaign will also spur transformative gifts to Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center, a nationally designated Comprehensive Cancer Center; The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, an international leader in health systems research and education; and several leading multi-disciplinary research centers.

These research centers bring together researchers, physicians, and scholars from across campus to address complex problems in immunotherapy, genomic medicine, cystic fibrosis and other chronic lung diseases, digital technology and behavioral health, children’s environmental health, and the marketing and consumption of carcinogenic and obesogenic products.

“Our collaborative culture, the willingness of our faculty and students to ask tough questions and challenge the status quo, and the way we bring together biomedical discovery and healthcare delivery science in everything we do—always in service to patient needs—is what makes our research and our education programs stand apart,” says Compton.


Geisel’s Interaction campaign is already off to a strong start, with more than $100 million raised in advance of the public launch. Early gifts to the campaign include new support for student scholarships; endowed professorships; research in fields such as immunotherapy, lung disease, and cancer; and the development of undergraduate educational programming in healthcare delivery science.

“The interest in what we’re doing, and how donors can make an impact with their gifts, is gratifying,” says Compton.

Learn more about Interaction: The Campaign for Dartmouth Medicine here.