Test tubes for your samples must have an exact internal diameter so that they form an air-tight seal on the BD flow cytometers:

Fisher Scientific
12 x 75mm polystyrene culture tubes
catalog # 14-961-10

1 pack = 1000 tubes (from stockroom)
From Fisher, you need to order 4 packs at once (=4,000 tubes)

Caps are available separately.

Fisher Scientific Web Site for these normal sample tubes.


Small sample tubes for receiving samples from a 96-well plate (with a multichannel pipette):
Use a forceps to insert these small tubes into a normal sample tube (above) before loading onto the flow cytometer.

USA Scientific, Inc.
1.2 ml individual PP micro-dilution tubes

bulk pack of 1000 tubes
catalog # 1412-0000

960 tubes in racks (10) that match the configuration of a 96-well plate:
catalog #1412-0400

USA Scientific Web Site for these micro-dilution tubes.