SH800 cell sorter (710 Rubin)

The SH800 (Sony) is a four laser, 8 detector analysis flow cytometer capable of measuring 6 colors simultaneously. The lasers in this instrument are Violet (405nm), Blue (488nm), Yellow-Green (561nm), and Red (638nm).


Remsen, room 243C Book the SH800
Rates  Dartmouth: Self-operated $50 per hour
Pharma: Self-operated $160 per hour/Assisted $180 per hour plus $180 set-up feeBilling policy: Users are billed for the  greater of time reserved or actual time used on the instrument.
Cancellation policy: Users must cancel their reservations 24 hours in advance of their scheduled appointment to avoid  charges.
Hours  24 hours / 7 days a week
PMTs  Violet: 450/50, 525/40, 610/20, 660/20Blue: SSC, 525/50, 690/50

Yellow: 600/60, 585/42, 610/20 (mCherry), 690/50, 780/60

Red: 665/30, 712/25, 780/60


Pick one dye from each column (6 dyes maximum).  Dyes from the same column cannot be run together.

Online trainings and tutorials:

How to use

(from DanStem and NNF CPR Flow Cytometry Core Facility)