FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter (710 Rubin)

Before You Sort

All cell sorting experiments on the Fusion are operator-assisted. Before getting started with sorting, you will need to fill out the following online pre-sort questionnaire:

Cell Sorting Request Form

To schedule a sort, please book the time of your sort on RaDar and also send an email to Gary Ward (gary.ward@dartmouth.edu).

Staining panels for cell sorting must be optimized to allow for clear discrimination of populations of interest. The following optical bench information is necessary for designing a panel for a FACS experiment. We also recommend that you consult with DartLab staff prior to staining your sample for any pilot sort.

Optical Bench

Sorting Recovery Calculations

The following spreadsheet can be used to calculate cell recovery following an Aria sort:

Excel Spreadsheet Template for Sort Recovery Calculations