Invited speakers

12-1pm on 3 April, 2018 in 658W Borwell.

Automated deep profiling of human immune cells using mass cytometry.

Bruce Bagwell, M.D., Ph.D., President, Verity Software House

12-1pm on 30 September, 2015 in 658W Borwell.

Human Immune Monitoring Seminar - Dartmouth Helios April 3 - 2018


12-1pm on 27 September, 2017 in 758W Borwell.

What viSNE and Spade can do for your flow cytometry data

Jacqueline Smith, Ph.D.  DartLab Director


12-1pm on 13 September, 2017 in 758W Borwell.

Seahorse XF Analysis for Measuring Cell Metabolism, Activation, and Energy Production

Sierra Kent, Ph.D., Seahorse Applications Scientist, Agilent


12-1pm on 3 May, 2017 in 758W Borwell.

MSD Solutions for Biomarker Multiplexing: From Ready-to-Use Validated Panels to Assay Development 

Virginie Esain, Ph.D., Applications Specialist, Meso Scale Discovery



11am -1:30pm on 6 April, 2017 in Auditorium G, Rubin Level 4, DHMC

New insights for multicolor panel design

Arielle Ginsberg, Ph.D. BD Technical Applications Specialist

BD Seminar Flyer Dartmouth April 2017 (002)


Noon-1pm on 2 November, 2016 in 758W Borwell.

Introduction to 3D BiologyTM: Simultaneous Digital Profiling of DNA (SNVs), RNA and Protein using the Nanostring nCounter Analysis System


Kit Fuhrman, Ph.D., NanString Field Applications Scientist


2-3 pm on 2 April, 2015 in Auditorium G, DHMC.

A new multiplexed cytokine platform, the Bio-ID 400, based on rate of reaction rather than endpoint.

David Ure, CEO Inanovate.


Noon-1pm on 30 March, 2015 in 758W Borwell.

Exploration of multiplexing techniques including Bio-Techne’s Luminex technologies

RIchard Fuerstenberg, Manager of Bio-Techne assays research and development group.


1-2pm on 24 November, 2014 in 658W Borwell.

Advanced application techniques for intracellular flow cytometry.

Susan Reynolds, Field Application Specialist, eBioscience


10-11am on 18 March, 2014 in 658W Borwell.

High-speed, high content imaging of cells in flow using the Amnis ImageStream X.

Darin Fogg, Ph.D., Regional Sales manager

Richard DeMarco, Field Applications Scientist


1-2pm on 16 January, 2013 in 758W Borwell.

How to do multi-color flow cytometry

Jacqueline Smith, Ph.D.  DartLab Director


1-2pm on 31 October, 2012 in 758W Borwell.

Kaluza flow cytometry software "lunch and learn"

Cheryl Guyre, Ph.D. Beckman Coulter


1-2pm on 7 December, 2011 in 758W Borwell.

B Cell Phenotypes in Multiple Sclerosis patients following IFN-beta(1b)Treatment

Daniel Mielcarz, Ph.D.  DartLab Research Associate


Flow Cytometry Symposium (sponsored by Beckman Coulter)

9 February, 2011 658W Borwell

10:00-10:45 am - Optimization of multicolor flow experiments – William Godfrey, Ph.D., Manager, Reagent & Application Development, Beckman Coulter, Inc.

10:45-11:30 am - Signaling Cytometry – T. Vincent Shankey, Ph.D., Advanced Technology/Cellular Analysis Business, Beckman Coulter, Inc.

11:30-12:15 pm - Multiparametric Flow Cytometry, combining phenotype and function – Paul K. Wallace, Ph.D. Roswell Park Cancer Institute

1:30 pm - Wet Labs/Demos
Cell signaling in LPS stimulated whole blood – Vince Shankey
Intracellular cytokine production in antigen-specific T cells – Paul Wallace

Wet labs will provide detailed protocols for sample preparation, data acquisition, and data analysis. A 10-color Beckman Coulter Gallios flow cytometer, as well as a workstation running Kaluza analysis software, will be available February 9-11, 2011 in 342W Borwell. Feel free to try out the Gallios for your own flow cytometry applications.


4-5 pm 6 December 2010 658W Borwell

The Cytometry Game: Past and Present

Bruce Bagwell, President, Verity Software House, Maine

- a discussion of the new flow cytometry software, Gemstone.


12-1 pm 13 October, 2010 658W Borwell

50 years of Laser Technology: Innovating Flow Cytometry by Blu-ray Technology

Masanobu Yamamoto, Chief Technical Communications Advisor, LE Business Development, Sony Corporation of America.

Abstract: Since the first Ruby laser oscillation in 1960, lasers have been applied into various fields in science and industry. Flow Cytometry is an important example of laser usage in the bio-science field. Optical storage devices such as the CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc are examples of the successful application of lasers in the consumer electronics industry. The Optical storage industry has been created by the innovation and integration of laser light sources, micro-fabrication and optical technology. These technologies will migrate to the bio-science field. The synergies between bio-scientific needs and industrial photonic technology will be discussed.