DartLab User Agreement

Please print this agreement, sign, have your PI co-sign, and give it to Gary Ward.  This agreement is a pre-requisite for access to DartLab's flow cytometers and must be renewed each year in July.


The undersigned user agrees to take reasonable care of the instrumentation and computers in DartLab. You are responsible for:

  • filtering your samples immediately before running them on a cytometer to prevent clogs (see protocol)
  • booking cytometer time in advance on RaDar
  • checking that cytometer sheath reservoir is full and that waste reservoir is empty
  • removing data from instrument hard drives within 24 hours of acquisition
  • complying with all DartLab Rules and Restrictions

You agree that if you damage the cytometers through clogging or other improper procedures that you and your PI are liable for the cost in time and parts required to unclog the instrument ($250 per incident; costs to DartLab are $3000 if an engineer is needed).

NIH requires investigators to cite DartLab if the research they are reporting used our services to design, conduct or analyze their research.  You agree to acknowledge Dartlab:

"................. was carried out in DartLab: the Immune Monitoring and Flow Cytometry Shared Resource at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth”.

  • in all publications
  • in Grant applications using and DartLab-generated pilot data
  • in presentations, e.g. Immunology Journal Club
  • in Posters, e.g. presented at a conference

Important Note: The extent of the degree to which the criteria described below is met to distinguish an acknowledgement from authorship must be agreed upon by the PI and Research Scientist, preferably as early as possible in the working relationship.

Acknowledgement Criteria

  • Basic scientific advice
  • Fee-for-service technical help
  • Minor material support, e.g., cells, antibodies
  • Basic analysis
  • Boiler plate Methods write-up


Any Shared Resources personnel who have contributed substantially to the experimental design, analysis, and/or writing of a manuscript should be included as an author(s). Shared Resource personnel are scientists, and any substantial intellectual and/or experimental contribution to a publication deserves co-authorship. Charging for services does not preclude authorship. Again, if authorship is anticipated, an agreement is preferably established by the PI and Research Scientist at the beginning of the project to minimize misunderstandings.

Co-authorship Criteria

  • Significant contribution to the conception and/or experimental design
  • Expert data analysis
  • Data interpretation
  • Co-writing of manuscript

You agree to consider co-authorship if DartLab staff meet the co-authorship criteria described above.



Signed:________________________________                 Date:__________

Co-signed by PI:  ________________________                 Date:__________