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Mixing Energy Drinks, Alcohol Tied to Abusive Drinking in Teens

Investigators from Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center found teens aged 15-17 years old who had ever mixed alcohol with energy drinks were four times more likely to meet the criteria for alcohol use disorder than a teen who has tried alcohol but never mixed it with an energy drink.


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Shining a Bright Light on the Care of Sick Babies

A three-year, $800,000 grant from the Anthem Foundation to The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy & Clinical Practice will fund the first comprehensive, nationwide study of neonatal intensive care.



Are Super Bowl beer ads a bad idea?

In an opinion piece at, Dr. James D. Sargent, theStuart Professor of Pediatric Oncology, says that parents should approach ads for alcoholic beverages with great caution in light of a new study led by Dr. Sargent and his colleagues, which showed that youths’ exposure to alcohol advertisements influenced their drinking behaviors.

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‘Slow Medicine’ Offers Alternative to Fast World

Healthline – This article discusses a book by Dennis McCullough, associate professor of community and family medicine, titled My Mother, Your Mother on the topic of caring for aging loved ones.