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Dartmouth Tuberculosis Vaccine Passes Important Milestone

Investigators at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine announced that two new studies of DAR-901, their investigational vaccine against tuberculosis (TB), have moved it to the forefront of new vaccines in development for global control of this deadly infectious disease.



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Alumnus Applies Nanotechnology to Study and Treat the Brain

Dartmouth medical alumnus Russell Andrews (MED ’78)—a neurosurgeon in California—has been part of a collaboration between NASA and the Mayo Clinic to develop a new wireless nanoelectrode that could help people with Parkinson’s disease.

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Celestine Warren '20 (left) and Lauren Kascak '20 (right) are the inaugural Swigart Fellows.

Geisel School of Medicine Swigart Fellows Explore Medical Ethics

Inaugural Swigart Ethics Fellows, Celestine Warren ‘20 and Lauren Kascak ‘20, launch innovative projects exploring medical ethics issues related to shared decision making and narrative medicine, which can influence the quality of patient care.