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Match Day 2015: Jessica and David Fried

Match Day 2015: Jessica and David Fried

Stress caused by Match Day is bad enough for most graduating medical students but for students who are trying to match as a couple, the anxiety and joy of Match Day can be overwhelming. Watch this video to find out if Geisel students and married couple Jessica and David Fried got a match made in heaven.



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Are Super Bowl beer ads a bad idea?

In an opinion piece at, Dr. James D. Sargent, theStuart Professor of Pediatric Oncology, says that parents should approach ads for alcoholic beverages with great caution in light of a new study led by Dr. Sargent and his colleagues, which showed that youths’ exposure to alcohol advertisements influenced their drinking behaviors.

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Antibiotics, Lifesaver or Threat to Premature Babies?

The Columbus Dispatch – Cites commentary published in the journal Pediatrics, co-authored by William Edwards, professor of pediatrics, and Roger Soll of the University of Vermont, on infant deaths caused by antibiotic-resistant infections.