Team Effort: Restarting Safely

Geisel School of Medicine students are role models for the greater Dartmouth student body—which has been noted across the institution. Their collective efforts to keep themselves and our learning communities as safe as possible during this ongoing pandemic have been successful.

Both first- and second-year medical students completed their required 14-day quarantines and screening PCR testing per Dartmouth policy. As of this week, we are happy to report that there are no positive tests among our medical or graduate students.

While quarantines and fully remote learning were not how the medical school wanted to welcome our students back to campus, we are impressed with their understanding. Our third-year and fourth-year students have been equally diligent in following the polices put in place at our various healthcare affiliates. Many of these students faced the additional challenge of traveling across state lines and adhered to required quarantines in order to continue to learn and provide care at our sites across the country. Their attention to PPE use, quarantine protocols, and safety while traveling is admirable and has been effective.

Though not yet “out of the woods,” we remain optimistic that the ongoing efforts of our students, faculty, and staff allow us to continue providing the safe and effective in-person learning that we value at Geisel.

Progressing through medical or graduate school is a rigorous endeavor, one that has become even more so during this pandemic. Thank you for devoting yourself to the field of medicine, to the safety of our community, and to each other. This is truly a team effort.