Students Seek Antibodies Among the Alpacas

When you think of lab animals, alpacas don't usually spring to mind. They tend to conjure up images of socks and sweaters. But Geisel's Mark Spaller and his students have started to focus on this small South American cousin of the camel as an important part of their antibody protein studies. 

Mark Spaller-Alpaca Group
On board for the alpaca study visit were (from the left) Tessa Streeter ’14, graduate student Nicholas Warren, Yu (Bill) Tang ’17, Taylor Watson ’16, and Gabriella (Bria) Grangard ’16. (Photo by Mark Spaller)

“Our recent visit to the Cas-Cad-Nac alpaca farm showcases how our labs can support serious undergraduate research, and on a larger scale than many labs typically do,” says Spaller.

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