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No Vaccine in Sight – The New Republic

Read article – Quotes Kendall Hoyt, assistant professor of medicine, in an article about how the COVID-19 pandemic is raising questions about the patent system, pandemic preparedness policy, and the value of a private health sector structurally incapable of prioritizing high-risk, low-probability events. “When researchers have to navigate multiple patents to assemble the knowledge required to develop a vaccine, it slows progress,” says Hoyt. “Because upstream discoveries and tools are blocked by a tangle of IP protections, the current system is not well suited to responding to global public health needs.”

After the Pandemic, Will Customers Ever Return to the Hot Food Bar? – WGBH

Read article – Quotes Elizabeth Talbot, professor of medicine, in an article about the future of self-serve food bars after many restaurants and supermarkets closed down these services due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Talbot, who is the deputy epidemiologist for the state of New Hampshire, said the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is not food-borne. “COVID-19 is transmitted predominantly by the person-to-person route through respiratory droplets,” said Talbot. “If respiratory droplets land on surfaces, then a person can come along and touch a contaminated surface and inoculate themselves within a short period of time after that.”