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Even With Normal Blood Pressure, Stress Hormones Still Tied to Heart Attacks and Strokes – Everyday Health

Read article – James Stahl, associate professor of medicine, comments on a study researching the link between stress hormones and cardiovascular events. Stahl, who was not involved in the study, states that more research is needed to ascertain who may benefit from measuring urinary stress hormones as a way of screening for cardiovascular events.

‘Monkey Wrench’: How the Delta Variant Caught Vermont off Guard – VTDigger

Read article – Quotes Anne Hoen, associate professor of epidemiology, and Anne Sosin ’02, a policy fellow at the Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy, in an article about the progression of public health policies in Vermont as the pandemic continues. “What we are experiencing with this virus is epidemic waves with exponential growth at times. That pattern calls for aggressive public health intervention,” said Hoen.

Can Language During Surgery be More Precise? A Team of Midwest Researchers Think So – The Wichita Eagle

Read article – Quotes Tina Foster, professor of obstetrics and gynecology, in an article about the need for more precise communication in operating rooms. “There’s a little bit of mental energy that goes into trying to wonder what you’re actually being asked to do, and if you had that mental energy better able to focus on the task itself, that would be great,” Foster said.