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Next Medical Student Grand Rounds on January 28

The next Geisel Medical Student Grand Rounds will be held Thursday, January 28th at 6 PM. This month's presenters exemplify a commitment to advocacy work.
Please RSVP to receive the link for the event at https://tinyurl.com/yyfzxzc4
Presenters for this Medical Student Grand Rounds are:
1. Jake Perlson (MS4):
To Disclose, Not Disclose, or Conceal: A Qualitative Study of HIV-Positive Men with Multiple Concealable Stigmatized Identities.  
2. Renisa Ramnath (MS3):
Project Salud: Challenges and Triumphs of a Medical-Student Run Clinic for Migrant Farm Workers in the Upper Valley
3. Isabelle Yang (MS3) & Angie Lee (MS3):
"I am not my baggage": Engaging LGBTQ Teens in NH/VT