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Margie Ackerman, PhDMargie Ackerman, PhD
Protein engineering and vaccine technology
Alix Ashare, MD, PhDAlix Ashare, MD, PhD
Lung macrophages

Brent Berwin, PhDBrent Berwin, PhD
Innate immune responses
Robert A Cramer, PHD, MSCRobert A Cramer, PHD, MSC
Aspergillus fumigatus-host interactions

Steven Fiering, PhDSteven Fiering, PhD
Tumor immunotherapy
William Green, PhDWilliam Green, PhD
Cell-mediated and tumor immunity

Yina H. Huang, PhDYina H. Huang, PhD
T cell migration and activation, Cancer Immunology
David A. Leib, PhDDavid A. Leib, PhD
Pathogenesis of herpes simplex virus (HSV)

Randolph Noelle, PhDRandolph Noelle, PhD
Autoimmunity and cancer
Joshua J. Obar, PhDJoshua J. Obar, PhD
Influenza A virus and Aspergillus fumigatus

George A. O'Toole, PhDGeorge A. O'Toole, PhD
Microbial biofilms
Patricia A. Pioli, PhDPatricia A. Pioli, PhD
Autoimmune disease and cancer

Charles Sentman, PhD
Immunotherapy and innate immunity
Mary Jo Turk, PhDMary Jo Turk, PhD
Tumor Immunology

Edward J. Usherwood, PhDEdward J. Usherwood, PhD
T cell immune surveillance to viruses and cancer
Michael Whitfield, PhD (Photo by Rob Strong)Michael L. Whitfield, PhD
Biological systems

Charles R. Wira, PhDCharles R. Wira, PhD
Innate and adaptive immunity to HIV