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The success the Immunology Program has enjoyed in recruiting and training both graduate students and postdoctoral researchers is largely due to the quality of the faculty and the research they produce. The Immunology Program is committed to maintaining an environment that is highly conducive to training the next generation of research scientists.

Research and Training

  • Weekly "Immunology Journal Club" (M/I 264-Immunology) is offered October - May
  • Weekly Seminar Series are sponsored by a number of departments, including Microbiology and Immunology, Genetics, Biochemistry and Biology.
  • Annual Immunology program retreat in the spring to bring together students, faculty, and post-docs. The retreat includes oral presentations and a poster session.
  • Designing and Writing the NIH Research Grant
    Postdocs and students learn the mechanisms of writing and assembling an NIH grant. Topics covered include the spectrum of different grants (career awards, training grants, research grants, etc.), structure of the NIH websites, funding agencies, and particularly, proven writing strategies and requirements for the new NIH research plan, the heart of the grant. Trainees gain a clear understanding of what it takes to write and assemble a major NIH grant.
  • Writing the Biomedical Manuscript
    Trainees learn the essentials of creating the peer-reviewed biomedical manuscript from the point of view of the journal editor. They examine what makes a good and bad manuscript and how clinical and basic researchers can significantly improve their manuscript-construction skills.
  • Presenting Your Science To Peers
    This training shows how to organize your research clearly into a powerpoint presentation and how to present their scientific content in a typical seminar.