Welcome to Dartmouth Community Medical School


"We invite the community to experience the flavor of medical school and share the wonders of the human body and our passion for discovery. Generating such promising new knowledge and sharing it with the public, as well as with health professionals, is an integral part of our mission."
     — Former Dartmouth Medical School Dean John Baldwin, who initiated Dartmouth Community Medical Schoool.

Through a series of public lecture programs, DCMS explores the explosion of medical knowledge and technology that is transforming our lives. All course offerings and special events are aimed specifically for a public audience and are taught by some of Dartmouth's most accomplished faculty, as well as guests. Since its launch in 1998, DCMS has continued to draw capacity audiences for sessions, offered each spring in Hanover and repeated each fall in Manchester, with additional special programs offered on contemporary health and medical issues.

DCMS courses are open to anyone and everyone, regardless of background or experience, from high schoolers to senior citizens. All students receive a comprehensive syllabus with lecture notes, supplemental materials and suggested reading as well as a certificate of completion for the series. Enthusiastic participants routinely remain for further questions and discussion with faculty well after each session ends.

Please check back for more information on future Dartmouth Community Medical School series.