Geisel Logo/Visual Identity Guide

Visual Identity Guide

In order to help faculty, staff and students easily follow the Geisel School of Medicine's branding guidelines, the Geisel Communications & Marketing office has created a Visual Identity Guide.

In the Visual Identity Guide you will find information on Geisel's official fonts, logo variations, templates for letterhead and business cards, examples of advertisements and apparel, and much more.

Download the Visual Identity Guide (authentication required), and use it as a resource for projects ranging from printing to presentations. Please contact the office of Communications & Marketing if you need assistance.

Geisel Logo Information & Downloads

In 2012, the Geisel School of Medicine introduced a new logo to serve as the symbol of the medical school. The new shield was created with the help and input of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, based on elements and symbols they felt best described the medical school and its mission, Dartmouth, and the region.

Elements of the Shield:

  • 1797 is the year the medical school was founded,
  • the book represents students and the pursuit of knowledge,
  • the Rod of Asclepius, an ancient Greek symbol of healing and medicine,
  • the Lone Pine is an important symbol and speaks to the heritage of Dartmouth,
  • the water represents healing and the environment, as well as the Connecticut River which runs through the heart of the region.

Together, these symbols represent the education, research and patient care missions of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, as well as our foundation as one of the nation’s oldest and most innovative medical schools.

Logo Downloads
Geisel School of Medicine faculty, staff and students may download the Geisel logo for official school business use from the Shield Downloads page (authentication required). JPG files work best for PowerPoint presentations and digital documents, PNG files for the web, and EPS files for high quality print items such as brochures or letterhead. Please contact us at if you need assistance deciding what format will work best for your project.

Others requesting Geisel School of Medicine logo files should fill out the Logo Request Form.

Private Vendors
Private vendors wishing to use these logos on salable merchandise must contact the Office of General Counsel for rights and terms of use.

You’ll find ready-made templates for email signatures, as well as Geisel PowerPoint and Keynote templates from the Templates Downloads page (authentication required).

Printing Services
Geisel School of Medicine faculty, staff and students can work with Dartmouth Printing and Mailing Services (DPMS) to design and print letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures and many other items. DPMS has templates available for all of the designs provided in Geisel’s visual identity guide, and will use the preferred fonts, colors, paper and logo.

To place orders online, visit their website and fill out the provided forms or email DPMS directly at If you would like to work with an external company, please contact Procurement Services for information on preferred vendors.