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New Approach to Organ Procurement Has Created an Ethical Conundrum for Hospital Neurointensivists – NeurologyToday

Read article – Features comments by James Bernat, an emeritus professor of neurology, in an article about the ethics of normothermic regional perfusion, a new approach to establishing criteria for organ donation after circulatory determination of death. Given that the new approach to organ procurement challenges the notion of what it means to be declared dead, Bernat said “it’s important that there be a general understanding of what’s going on and a general agreement on what’s acceptable,” in the eyes of the many stakeholders.

14 Charts This Year That Helped Us Better Understand COVID’S Impact on Students, Teachers and Schools – The 74

Read article – Features comments by Douglas Staiger, a professor of economics and of the Dartmouth Institute, about a study he co-authored that projected how much potential income could be lost due to diminished math learning among eighth graders since schools transitioned to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. “When there are improvements in scores, those kids coming out of school are going to have better outcomes later in life,” said Staiger. “And we can infer from this recent decline that all the cohorts in school now are going to do a bit worse than we expected.”

Jonathan Skinner: Aging by the Numbers – Next Avenue

Read article – A profile piece on Jonathan Skinner, a professor of the Dartmouth Institute, about his research into health care productivity and the effects of an aging population. “A lot of people arrive at retirement kind of not really having a good sense for either how they’re going to support themselves or how to move into a sustainable level of spending,” Skinner said.

Dartmouth Launches Fellowship Program for STEM Diversity – Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Read article – A feature on Ellesse-Roselee Akré, an assistant professor of the Dartmouth Institute, who is the first recipient of Dartmouth’s new E.E. Just Faculty Fellowship. “In health services, marginalized populations are often left empirically invisible. It can really make you feel, especially when you embody these identities, that you likely aren’t valued in the space,” Akré said. “It really feels good to see the field moving in a way that it is more inclusive.”

McDonald & Carter: Let’s Not Fall for the Article 22 Misinformation Trap – VTDigger

Read article – Judy E. Stern, a professor emeritus of obstetrics and gynecology, is quoted in a commentary about misinformation from opponents of Vermont’s Article 22—the Reproductive Liberty Amendment. “The term ‘late-term abortion’ was designed to sound ominous, to sound serious, and to confuse people into voting against their own best interests. Let me say it again: There is no such thing as elective late-term abortion,” Stern said.