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Informaticians Propose ‘Essential EHR Reforms for This Decade’ – Healthcare Innovation

Read article – Andrew Gettinger ’76, MED ’79, a professor emeritus of anesthesiology, is featured in an article about his recently published proposal for reforms in electronic health records. “Although addressing shortcomings in EHRs will not cure all that ails our current healthcare system, implementing these recommendations should positively affect patients and clinicians and move us toward the original vision of a patient-centered, technology-enhanced healthcare ecosystem that is designed to significantly improve outcomes at a lower cost, with more satisfied patients and clinicians,” Gettinger writes.

Efficacy of Remote Neuromodulation for Migraine Prevention: Stewart J. Tepper, MD (Video) – Neurology Live

Watch video – Features a presentation by Stewart J. Tepper, a professor of neurology, about recent advances in migraine therapeutics. “Another study that was presented at the American Academy of Neurology annual meeting in Boston in April of 2023 was the pivotal study of the remote electrical neuromodulation device for the prevention of migraine,” Tepper said.

The Lessons of the War on COVID Mustn’t Be Forgotten as the U.S. Moves On From the Pandemic, Researchers Warn – Fortune

Read article – Kendall Hoyt, an assistant professor of medicine and faculty director of the Dickey Center Pandemic Security Project, writes an opinion piece about the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency. “The U.S. must continue to invest in basic virology, immunology, and vaccinology for pathogens with pandemic potential,” Hoyt writes.