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Improving Breast Cancer Surgery (Video)

Surgeons love to fix things. Often that means removing a tumor or repairing a joint. But for Richard Barth, MD, a Geisel professor and surgical oncologist at Dartmouth's Norris Cotton Cancer Center, that also means improving the entire approach for one of the most common surgeries he does: lumpectomy, removing a tumor while leaving the breast intact.

Innovating to improve care for patients is part of the research culture at the Cancer Center. With faculty from 21 departments across Dartmouth, multi-disciplinary teams pursue scientific and medical advances while ensuring that all care remains intensely personal—aligned with the needs and values of patients. In fact, many discoveries now revolutionizing the prevention and treatment of cancer can be traced back to Dartmouth.

"Cancer Center investigators have launched a wide variety of startup companies based on Dartmouth discoveries, ranging from new immunotherapy drugs to new imaging devices," says Steven Leach, MD, the Preston T. and Virginia R. Kelsey Distinguished Chair in Cancer and director of the Cancer Center. "This is the way that our cancer center will ultimately have the biggest impact, by bringing Dartmouth's discoveries to market for the benefit of all. But we can't do that without the seed funding made possible through philanthropy."

Learn more about the Cancer Center’s philanthropic goals on Geisel’s Interaction campaign website.