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Health and Health Care

CPDE works with community-based providers and in clinical settings/healthcare systems on initiatives which focus on programming, community outreach, and quality improvement, including utilizing patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMs) as indicators of success.

Health and healthcare-related projects include:

Center for Nursing Excellence

Provide research and evaluation expertise for a variety of projects related to nursing education, training, and topics of interest to research nurses. (Funder: DHMC)

NH Colorectal Cancer Screening Program

The goal of NHCRCSP is to increase high quality colorectal cancer screening rates at partnering primary care clinics and health centers (including both Federally Qualified Health Centers and the DHMC health system) in New Hampshire. NHCRCSP staff members work with partner sites to implement and strengthen strategies that have been shown to improve quality and completions of colorectal cancer screenings. CPDE provides program evaluation and an annual assessment of partners’ progress, facilitators to implementing interventions, and challenges and barriers with implementation. (Funder: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Initiative (PCORI)