Reporting and Dissemination

CPDE develops custom reports that align with clients’ needs and expectations. Far from a cookie-cutter approach, we begin every reporting effort with the questions:

What report format best serves our client? What will be most useful to them?

Some example report types include:

  • Traditional narrative report (Executive Summary, Introduction/Background, Methods, Results, Limitations, Conclusions/Recommendations), of any length.
  • PowerPoint report with an emphasis on visuals and clear, concise interpretations and explanations. This report type focuses on key takeaways up front, with details in appendices.
  • One or two page infographic (for longitudinal or cross-sectional results).
  • Dashboard report (to show trends over time, especially when comparing to static variables like baseline or goal/target).

CPDE creates presentations in a similar manner: customized format and content that adheres to the high quality standards of the American Evaluation Association’s Potent Presentation Initiative (p2i).