Evaluation Planning and Design

CPDE has expertise in evaluation and research study design, and will work with you to establish what may make most sense given your research or program assessment questions, the level of rigor that funders may require, the number of participants or sites involved, and timing/data collection points. Whether you are considering an experimental, quasi-experimental, or observational design, we have experience with a diverse mix of evaluation and research designs and associated analyses, including cross-over and stepped wedge designs, multi-site and multi-level (e.g., participants, program, sites/institutions) evaluations, needs and impact assessments, quality improvement and implementation studies, action and participatory research, and prospective and retrospective analyses.

We can assist in the planning stages when you are applying for a grant, assisting with the methods section and writing an evaluation work plan. We also provide assistance after a grant is awarded, as well as for non-grant funded initiatives.