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Tor D Tosteson, Sc.D.

Professor of Community and Family Medicine
Professor of The Dartmouth Institute

Community and Family Medicine
The Dartmouth Institute

Biostatistics, Harvard University, SCD 1987
Biostatistics, Harvard University, MS 1980
Economics, U. North Carolina - Chapel Hill, BA 1975

Norris Cotton Cancer Center
The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice


Contact Information:

Dartmouth Medical School
HB 7927
Hanover NH 03755

Office: Rubin 7927
Phone: 603-653-3677
Fax: 603-653-9094
Email: tor.tosteson@dartmouth.edu

Professional Interests:

My current research interests revolve around challenging methodological and statistical problems in medicine. Applied projects include the Center for Comparative Effectiveness Research in Advanced Imaging in Cancer, the Alternative Breast Cancer Imaging Program, and the Spine Patients Outcomes Research Trial, a multicenter trial of surgery versus nonoperative methods of treating low back pain. I conduct related statistical research in the areas of covariate measurement error for nonlinear regression models and statistical methods for comparative effectiveness research.

Grant Information:

NCCC Core Grant; Center for Advanced Imaging in Cancer; Alternative Breast Imaging Program Project; QBS Post-Doctoral Training Grant; Spine Patients Outcomes Trial;

Courses Taught:

QBS Fundamentals of Biostatistics I & II; DMS Biostatistics&Epidemiology; ECS 290 CECS Doctoral Seminars;

Selected Publications:


Li Z, Tosteson TD, Bakitas MA
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Stat Med 2013 Apr 15; 32(8):1394-406
PMID: 23001893

Sitlani CM, Heagerty PJ, Blood EA, Tosteson TD
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PMID: 22344923

Bakitas M, Lyons KD, Hegel MT, Balan S, Brokaw FC, Seville J, Hull JG, Li Z, Tosteson TD, Byock IR, Ahles TA
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JAMA 2009 Aug 19; 302(7):741-9
PMID: 19690306

Weinstein JN, Tosteson TD, Lurie JD, Tosteson AN, Blood E, Hanscom B, Herkowitz H, Cammisa F, Albert T, Boden SD, Hilibrand A, Goldberg H, Berven S, An H
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N Engl J Med 2008 Feb 21; 358(8):794-810
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Power and sample size calculations for generalized regression models with covariate measurement error.
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PMID: 12652554

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PMID: 9777689

Greenberg ER, Baron JA, Tosteson TD, Freeman DH Jr, Beck GJ, Bond JH, Colacchio TA, Coller JA, Frankl HD, Haile RW
A clinical trial of antioxidant vitamins to prevent colorectal adenoma. Polyp Prevention Study Group.
N Engl J Med 1994 Jul 21; 331(3):141-7
PMID: 8008027