About the new Geisel School of Medicine shield

Geisel School of Medicine Name References/Guidelines

The Geisel School of Medicine has also introduced a new shield to serve as the symbol of the medical school. The shield was created with the help and input of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni, based on elements and symbols they felt best described the medical school and its mission, Dartmouth, and the region.

Elements of the Shield:

Together, these symbols represent the education, research and patient care missions of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, as well as our foundation as one of the nation’s oldest and most innovative medical schools.

Shield Requests & Downloads

Private vendors wishing to use these logos on salable merchandise must contact the Office of General Counsel for rights and terms of use.

Geisel School of Medicine faculty and staff may download the logo for official school business use from the Shield Downloads page. (authentication required)

Students at the Geisel School of Medicine should contact the Office of Student Affairs to obtain copies of the logo.

Others requesting Geisel School of Medicine logo files should fill out the Logo Request Form.

When ordering letterhead and business cards from Dartmouth Printing and Mailing Services or any outside vendor, it is recommended that faculty and staff use approved designs, which will be provided on this site shortly.