Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Organization

Contact (2022-2023 AY): Joseph W. Bello


The Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Organization aim to promote an understanding of the science and art of Aerospace Medicine and to inform about the career opportunities available in the developing field. The program will encourage students’ involvement in our own local community, encourage student involvement in larger issues of health policy and health equity, and will create a space for students to develop their advocacy skills. We recognize that discovery and innovation are core values that Geisel upholds in its mission and goals. Space Medicine is a developing field with unique challenges and medical implications which offer exciting opportunities for future physicians to be involved in. The presence of the Space Medicine Innovations Lab on our campus further endorses this philosophy. In turn, we believe that establishing an official Aerospace Medicine Student and Resident Organization chapter at Geisel will further uphold our community’s goal of preparing future leaders that utilize innovation and discovery to tackle unique challenges in health care.


  • Promote space medicine continuing education by drawing from the National Space Medicine Association-sponsored curricula
  • Expose students to Geisel’s Space Medicine Innovation Lab and the learning opportunities it offers
  • Discuss space medicine in the context of topics related to the medical school’s curriculum
  • Learn how physiology in space is different from physiology on earth and what the implications are for medicine
  • Expose Geisel students to the growing career opportunities in space medicine (There are currently 5 accredited U.S. Residency Programs for aerospace medicine)
  • Support students interested in pursuing careers in Space Medicine