Medical Student Grand Rounds

Medical Student Grand Rounds was started in September 2020 by Falen Demsas, MED 22 who served as Chair of Professional Development at that time. Inspired by the advocacy, service, and research work of her peers, Falen brought MSGR to Geisel in an effort to create a platform for students to share their work and to collaborate with each other, faculty, alumni, and graduate students.

2022-2023 Dates

  1. Thursday, August 25th at 6 PM
  2. Wednesday, September 21st at 6 PM
  3. Wednesday, October 26th at 6 PM
  4. Wednesday, January 18th at 6 PM
  5. Wednesday, February 22nd at 6 PM
  6. Wednesday, April 26th at 6 PM


Month after month, students continue to amaze us!

You can find recordings of past episodes below (you must log. into your Dartmouth account to access recordings, contact us if you have any trouble).

November 2020

January 2021

April 2021

August 2021:

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