Executive Board Representatives

Executive Board


Kristina Ali

Hi - I’m Kristina! I am a fourth year student from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from Princeton University in 2014 and earned a Masters in Biochemistry from Georgetown University in 2018. Before coming to Geisel I also worked at a nonprofit in Chicago doing grant writing and fundraising and a biotech startup in Washington D.C. doing operations and sales. I previously served on our Student Government as Chair of Social Life and am excited to take on this new role as President. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, watching TV, and talking about makeup.

Email: Kristina.M.Ali.MED@dartmouth.edu

Vice President

Sean Halloran

Hey everyone! My name is Sean Halloran and I am an MD-MBA student in the class of 2024. I grew up in Jacksonville, FL and went to undergraduate in Sewanee, Tennessee before attending Geisel. Outside of medical school my interests include Winter sports (despite being a Floridian), alto saxophone, and tennis. I am really excited for the 23 – 24 Academic Year. Please reach out with any questions, concerns, or ideas for how Student Government can make this year great.

Email: Sean.R.Halloran.MED@dartmouth.edu


Meave Otieno

Hello, my name is Meave, and I'm currently in my fourth year at Geisel. I serve as the secretary (a.k.a. executive of operations) on the student government executive board. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and grew up in Mableton, GA. I completed my undergraduate studies at Cornell University, where I majored in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Animal Physiology. After that, I worked in the Peace Corps as a health volunteer in Danyi N'Digbe, Togo. Later, I earned an MS in Public Health Microbiology at George Washington University's Milken Institute of Public Health, and completed a Global Health Corps fellowship with the Centre of Infectious Disease Research in Zambia. When not practicing my suturing skills, I enjoy running, trying new cooking and baking recipes, reading historical fiction and sci-fi/fantasy novels, and keeping up with my language learning.

Email: Meave.A.Otieno.MED@dartmouth.edu


Michael Koo

Hi everyone, my name is Michael Koo and I am in my first year of Tuck for my MD-MBA program (originally class of 2024) but here to serve as your Treasurer for a second term this year. I was born in Seoul, South Korea moved to Maryland near Baltimore when I was 4, spending the next 20 years of my life there before I came to Dartmouth for medical school. I majored in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Math/Statistics with a minor in Africana Studies at Johns Hopkins University, graduating in 2018. For the majority of the two years after graduation, I worked at Operator (formerly Atana) as a business associate, researching and analyzing the healthcare market to help develop an application to help automate patient bill negotiations. I worked jobs at Ekiben, the best restaurant in Baltimore, as a tutor at C2 education, and as a debate coach for students in Taiwan and South Korea. At Geisel I've been a rep for the class of 2024, a member our AMA med student chapter, as as a training lead for the community health clinics. After a successful year of #MakeItRain I would like ot help continue the efficient use of SG funding this year for as many people as possible. Whether it’s social events, programming for community, or free food, I want to be the guy who helps students get the money they need to have a great time in med school. Catch me outside of school playing pickup basketball.

Email: Michael.Koo.MED@dartmouth.edu

Co-Chairs of Professional Development

Derek Colaizzo

Hello everyone! My name is Derek Colaizzo and I was born, raised and am very proud to be from New Jersey! I graduated from Princeton University in 2017 with a degree in History of Science, where I did my senior thesis on the history of chili pepper in western medicine. During undergrad, I walked on the varsity swim team, played saxophone in the music program, and was involved in the Big Sibs program. I decided to think about going into medicine following a shadowing program in Portugal I did prior to my senior year. Following graduation, I recorded an EP with my band, interned at a clinical research testing site, and was a beach lifeguard and bartender. Then I applied to a post bacc program at Columbia, which I completed last year. During the past year, I worked on a spinal surgery research team at the Hospital for Special Surgery and on a Chronic Kidney Disease study at the University of Pennsylvania. My interests in medicine are in orthopedics, pain management, health policy, and medical education. For hobbies, I love to play/listen to music (I play sax and guitar), cook, surf and watch sports. I am really excited to get involved with student groups and explore the surrounding nature. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Seth Ramin

Hi I am Seth! I am a fourth-year medical student from Minnesota. Fun Fact: I am triplet (all boys). I took a longer path to medical school which involved completing a BS in Chemistry in 2015, a MPH in Epidemiology in 2017, a post-bacc program in 2019, and a few years of experience in clinical research. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my wife and puppy, playing board games and cards, watching TV, and playing videogames. I am passionate about helping others achieve their educational, professional, and career goals which is why I chose to take on the position of Co-Chair of Professional Development.

Email: Seth.K.Ramin.MED@Dartmouth.edu

Co-Chairs of Academics

Amal Cheema

Hello everyone! My name is Amal and I’m elated to be a co-Chair of Academics with Macri, as a final-year medical student. I grew up with four sisters in Massachusetts and went on to major in biochemistry and political science at Wellesley College. Prior to medical school, I pursued a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in Southeast Asia and Europe, studying religious and cultural beliefs around organ donation, and then pursued empirical bioethics research at Mayo Clinic. Between third and fourth year, I completed an MPH in Quantitative Methods at Harvard Chan. When off the wards, I enjoy outdoor recreation, writing and reading, arts and crafts, and baking for my friends and family. As Co-Chair of Academic, I am looking forward to transforming our curriculum further and engaging our peers in all aspects of medical education.

Email: Amal.W.Cheema.MED@dartmouth.edu

Macri Gil Diaz

Hi everyone! My name is Macri and I’m super excited to serve as co-Chair of Academics with Amal. I am an MS3 from Caracas, Venezuela! I graduated from the University of Rochester in 2020, where I majored in Neuroscience and minored in German studies. During my time at Geisel I have focused on giving back to my Latino community and peers, as a former co-president of LMSA at Geisel and MEC rep for for my class. My hope is to continue to support student efforts to create a more supportive, enriching and inclusive academic community. During my free time I love to play the guitar, play with my cat, make arepas and take care of my tropical plants!

Co-Chairs of Community Service

Ernie Tao

Hello! I'm a third year who really enjoys hiking, running, and hanging out with my cats! I'm excited to support with all the wonderful community service Geisel students engage in this year. A fun fact about me is that I once ate more hot dogs than other people who were also eating lots of hot dogs.

Khaqan Ahmad

Khaqan is an M2 from Euless, TX who ended up in New Hampshire after completing undergrad outside of Chicago, IL and working for a few years in the health policy space in Washington, DC. Professionally, he is interested in the intersection of surgery and global health. Outside of school, Khaqan enjoys basketball, mixing electronic music and just taking in New Hampshire's breathtaking nature.

Co-Chairs of Diversity and Inclusion

Jada English

Hi! My name is Jada English and I am a 4th year student interested in Family Medicine. I am originally from Houston, TX and attended college in New Orleans, LA. Since entering medical school, I have been the DICE representative for my class along with Maya Ellis. As DICE Co-Chair, we are very excited to continue on in this role on executive board. In my free time, I enjoy hanging with friends, baking, and watching TV shows like RuPaul's Drag Race and any Housewives franchise. Our goals this year include creating more cohesion amongst Geisel affinity groups, students, faculty and staff and to increase the visibility of all students on campus and in the community.

Maya Ellis

Hello everyone! I'm Maya, a 4th year student at Geisel going into Family Medicine. I am excited to continue working with Jada as co-chair of Diversity and Inclusion. In the upcoming year, we hope to support the work so many amazing affinity groups and student leaders in DICE are already doing, continue to build more cohesion between students, faculty and staff who are engaged with DICE work, and advocate for/ally with students of marginalized identities at Geisel. In my free time, I can be found doing anything outside (skiing, biking, hiking, baking cake while backpacking), cooking, growing vegetables, playing board games, or spending time with friends/dogs. We have work to do, but I hope to continue working with all of you to create an inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist community here at Geisel.

Co-Chairs of Social Life

Parker Scott

Hello everyone! My name is Parker Scott and I am currently a second year student at Geisel. I grew up in a number of different states but primarily in the midwest. I attended college in Minnesota before coming to Geisel. I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, taking photographs, and spending time with friends. I love finding ways to build a stronger community here at Geisel and in the greater UV through social events, and I can’t wait to do just that with the best Social Life Co-Chair Paulita this year!

Paulita Lara Mejia

Hi everyone! A little about me: I was born in Quito, Ecuador and grew up in Bloomington, Indiana. I studied neuroscience and global health at Princeton and worked in Boston for three years doing clinical neuroimaging research before starting medical school (I love the brain). I also love dancing, snowboarding, playing spikeball, and spending meaningful time with friends. I’m now an MS3 at Geisel and love to help build community through social events. I’m super excited to work with Parker this year!

Co-Chairs of Wellness

Brizha Knowles

Hi, I'm Brizha! I am a second year student at Geisel. My family lives in Hawaii currently, but I grew up moving in and outside of US. I graduated from the University of Chicago in 2020, majoring in Neuroscience. I then completed a post-bacc program at Keck Graduate Institute, and worked as a scribe in the Pediatric Neurology department of Children's Hospital of Orange County. In my free time, I enjoy making videos, painting, skiing, kickboxing and now playing pickleball! I loved being a Wellness Rep last year and am very excited to work with Michelle this year as Co-chair of Wellness. I am looking forward to planning some new activities and events this year, and working in every way possible to support the wellness of our school!

Michelle Dong

Hi—I’m Michelle! I’m a third year student from the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario. I graduated from Western University in 2018 and earned my master’s in immunology from Harvard University in 2020. Before coming to Geisel, I worked as a clinical research coordinator in GI immunology at Boston Children’s Hospital. This will be my third year in Student Government and second year as a Chair of Wellness, which I adore! Truly one of the best “jobs” I’ve ever had. In my free time, I love watching Love Island UK, dancing in my room to pop girlies (and seeing them live), tending to my houseplants, convincing my friends to come to Barry’s Bootcamp classes with me, and tackling my ever-growing list of to-be-read list on Goodreads. Please always feel free to reach out to me with any suggestions or concerns regarding Wellness! (My daily screen time is embarrassingly 10+ hours so I promise I won’t mug you off). I want to make sure that you feel seen, heard, welcomed, and empowered along your medical school journey. 🙂

Email: michelle.d.dong.med@dartmouth.edu

Co-Chairs of Alumni Engagement

Connor Bridges

Hey, everyone! My name is Connor Bridges, and I’m from East London, England. I grew up with my little sister and mum at home, and my little brother living nearby. I came to the U.S. in 2015 for my undergraduate studies at Princeton University, and worked for an educational nonprofit in D.C. for two years after graduating before starting at Geisel. Having grown up as a first-generation, low-income international student, I am intimately aware of the importance and impact of mentors that have experienced similar obstacles and challenges to their mentees. Knowing how significant this support can be, I see the position of Chair of Student and Alumni Engagement as an opportunity to ensure that these relationships are available to all students, allowing us all to thrive and reach our maximum potential.

Email: connor.j.bridges.med@dartmouth.edu

Taylor Cooper

Hi, I’m Taylor Cooper! I grew up in a few different states, but my family and I have called Colorado home for the last 10+ years. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019, where I studied public health and chemistry. I also played on the Penn Women’s Volleyball team, where I served as a team captain and am now a board member! Before starting at Geisel, I worked for a large renal care company as a senior strategy and operations analyst. I am a member of Geisel’s Urban Health Scholars, SNMA, and co-lead a project called Race.Culture.Obgyn! In my spare time, you can probably find me running, hiking, practicing yoga, or listening to podcasts. I am so excited to be in the role of co-chair of Student and Alumni Engagement and work with the amazing Alumni Engagement Office. I believe connections and mentorship are invaluable resources, and I hope to help students connect with alumni and help foster meaningful relationships between past, present, and future members of the Dartmouth and Geisel community!

Email: taylor.a.cooper.med@dartmouth.edu