Executive Board Representatives

Executive Board


Marilyn Ndukwe

My name is Marilyn Ndukwe, a fourth-year medical student at Geisel. I am honored and excited to serve as your Student Government President. I was born and raised in Aba, a small commercial town in southeastern Nigeria, and I immigrated to the United States for college at the Xavier University of Louisiana. Afterward, I spent time as a medicinal chemist at Gilead Sciences, Foster City, CA. I am currently applying to Internal Medicine with an interest in cardiology. I am passionate about healthcare access and systems globally. I am also a fierce advocate for increasing educational pipelines for minorities.

In my spare time, I enjoy exploring running trails and national parks. 

Email: Marilyn.S.Ndukwe.MED@dartmouth.edu


Vice President

Maura Doré

Hi everyone! I’m Maura, an M4 originally from the Chicago area, and I am honored to serve as your SG Vice President this year. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2017 with a BS in Neuroscience, minor in Poverty Studies, and was on the ND Pom Squad, which is the university dance team. After college, I worked as a middle school math and science teacher in Chicago through Teach For America, while simultaneously earning a Masters in Teaching degree. Geisel has provided many opportunities for me to deepen my passions for education, wellness, advocacy, and health equity. My previous SG roles included Class of 2023 Wellness Rep as an M1/M2, followed by Co-Chair of Wellness as an M3. In the VP role, I hope to be a trusted liaison between students, administration, alumni, and community stakeholders as we work towards our common goal of optimizing student success. Outside of medical school, you can usually find me watching crime shows, listening to TSwift, or practicing yoga!

Email: Maura.E.Dore.MED@dartmouth.edu



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Michael Koo

Email: Michael.Koo.MED@dartmouth.edu

Co-Chairs of Professional Development

Arvind Suresh

I am excited and honored to be serving as your Co-Chair of Professional Development for the 2022-23 academic year. I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA and received my undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College in biology and computer science. Throughout my time at Geisel, I have been involved in student government as a community service representative and have led many student-led service groups and projects, including the Upper Valley Human Rights clinic, Migrant Health program, and the Geisel Vaccinator Corps since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have simultaneously developed a passion for medical education and curricular development as a Medical Education Scholar and also serve on Geisel’s career advising quality improvement committee. My goal as your co-chair in the upcoming year is to support your professional development journey across the entire Geisel curriculum, cultivate structured mentorship programs, and expand networking opportunities for our student body.

Email: Arvind.Suresh.MED@dartmouth.edu

Seth Ramin

Hi I am Seth! I am a third-year medical student from Minnesota. Fun Fact: I am triplet (all boys). I took a longer path to medical school which involved completing a BS in Chemistry in 2015, a MPH in Epidemiology in 2017, a post-bacc program in 2019, and a few years of experience in clinical research. In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my wife and puppy, playing board games and cards, watching TV, and playing videogames. I am passionate about helping others achieve their educational, professional, and career goals which is why I chose to take on the position of Co-Chair of Professional Development.

Email: Seth.K.Ramin.MED@Dartmouth.edu

Co-Chairs of Academics

Linda Morris

Hello! I’m extremely excited to serve as one of your Co-Chairs of Academics this year. I’m a third-year student, grew up in New Jersey, studied Biology at Boston College, and worked on radiation oncology research in the MGH Cancer Center before coming to Geisel. Along the way, I’ve developed a love for medical education and am passionate about helping to build an inclusive, growth-oriented, and collaborative learning environment for medical students. Joe and I have worked together in various med-ed ways over the last few years, serving as student representatives on the MEC and different sub-committees, both co-leading the Medical Education Scholars, on research involving self-regulated learning, and projects developing new curriculum content. I’m really looking forward to representing and advocating for students in this new role!

Email: Linda.M.Morris.MED@dartmouth.edu

Co-Chairs of Community Service

Haider Ghiasuddin

I am a member of the Geisel Class of 2023. My passions/interests include creative writing and translational medical science. Some of my favorite experiences over the last 3 years at Geisel have come through Service Committee events and other service opportunities here. I’ve learned a lot from the many inspiring people and organizations rooted in the Upper Valley, so it is always an honor to collaborate and support as students when we can. I also worked as a Co-chair for the Service Committee for the past 2 years and am looking forward to doing so again this year!

Email: Haider.S.Ghiasuddin.MED@dartmouth.edu

Sean Halloran

Hi, I am Sean! I am an MD-MBA student in the class of 2024. I am from Jacksonville, FL and went to college in Sewanee, TN. My passions/interests include tennis and snowboarding. I am so excited to be serving as co-chair of community service. My goals for this year are to provide funding to service ideas and to provide service opportunities to become further involved in our community. Please reach out with any and all service ideas!!

Email: Sean.R.Halloran.MED@dartmouth.edu

Chair of Diversity and Inclusion

Isabelle Tersio

Hello! I'm Isabelle (Is) Tersio and I am excited to be serving as chair of Diversity and Inclusion on student government. I was born in Haïti and raised in South Florida. I attended UPenn and enjoyed teaching dance and self-expression in West Philly schools, working as a farm intern, and biking around the city when I wasn't doing "pre-med things". I worked as a garden teacher in Washington, D.C during my gap year and now I am here! My passion for diversity stems from my goal of creating truly inclusive environments and ensuring people have the tools they need to be the best version of themselves. During my free time, I enjoy activities that involve building or creating — I like to cook, knit, up-cycle random objects, and write. I can also be found doing any form of sport/exercising. Most importantly, I always have time to be silly and enjoy a good laugh. (: Please reach out if you have any questions, needs, or suggestions.

Co-Chairs of Social Life

Andrew Lee

My name is Andrew, and I am happy to be serving as co-chair of social with my good friend Kristina this year again! One of the things that drew me to medicine was the ability to meet interesting people from all walks of life, and I hope that I can bring that to our social events. I grew up in the Seattle area for the first twenty years of my life and moved out here for medical school. I enjoy spending time with my dog Haru in my spare time as well as exploring new kinds of food. Let me know if you ever want to grab a meal!

Email: Andrew.Y.Lee.MED@dartmouth.edu

Kristina Ali

My name is Kristina and I am a third year from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from Princeton University in 2014 and earned a Master’s from Georgetown University in 2018. Before coming to Geisel, I also worked at a nonprofit in Chicago and a biotech startup in Washington D.C. To avoid studying, I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts, watching TV, and talking about makeup. I am excited to be returning as your co-chair of Social with Andrew and we look forward to planning another year of events to bring the Geisel community together!

Email: Kristina.M.Ali.MED@dartmouth.edu

Chair of Wellness

Michelle Dong

Hi everyone, I’m Michelle! I’m currently a second year student and I’m honored to be the Chair of Wellness this year, we’re going to have so much fun and growth together! I grew up in the greater Toronto area, attended Western for undergrad, Harvard for my masters in immunology, and spent 3 gap years researching in Boston before coming to medical school. Things that bring me joy in life are fun workout classes, warm bowls of noodle soup, romcoms/reality TV (I LOVE love), my ever-growing collection of houseplants, concerts, and Target/TJ Maxx runs. Career-wise, I’m interested in gastroenterology. I’m fascinated by GI from an immunological standpoint, and I also care deeply about addressing inequities in access to screening and treatments for GI conditions for marginalized and vulnerable populations. Here at Geisel, I want to ensure that every student feels seen, heard, welcomed, and empowered along their medical school journey. Medical school can be incredibly tough at times, so please reach out if you feel like your wellness needs are not being met.

Email: michelle.d.dong.med@dartmouth.edu

Co-Chairs of Alumni Engagement

Connor Bridges

Hey, everyone! My name is Connor Bridges, and I’m from East London, England. I grew up with my little sister and mum at home, and my little brother living nearby. I came to the U.S. in 2015 for my undergraduate studies at Princeton University, and worked for an educational nonprofit in D.C. for two years after graduating before starting at Geisel. Having grown up as a first-generation, low-income international student, I am intimately aware of the importance and impact of mentors that have experienced similar obstacles and challenges to their mentees. Knowing how significant this support can be, I see the position of Chair of Student and Alumni Engagement as an opportunity to ensure that these relationships are available to all students, allowing us all to thrive and reach our maximum potential.

Email: connor.j.bridges.med@dartmouth.edu

Taylor Cooper

Hi, I’m Taylor Cooper! I grew up in a few different states, but my family and I have called Colorado home for the last 10+ years. I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2019, where I studied public health and chemistry. I also played on the Penn Women’s Volleyball team, where I served as a team captain and am now a board member! Before starting at Geisel, I worked for a large renal care company as a senior strategy and operations analyst. I am a member of Geisel’s Urban Health Scholars, SNMA, and co-lead a project called Race.Culture.Obgyn! In my spare time, you can probably find me running, hiking, practicing yoga, or listening to podcasts. I am so excited to be in the role of co-chair of Student and Alumni Engagement and work with the amazing Alumni Engagement Office. I believe connections and mentorship are invaluable resources, and I hope to help students connect with alumni and help foster meaningful relationships between past, present, and future members of the Dartmouth and Geisel community!

Email: taylor.a.cooper.med@dartmouth.edu

Additional Program Representatives

AAMC Organization of Student Representatives (OSRs) 

Amal Cheema

Amal comes from a family of six and predominantly grew up in Massachusetts. She majored in biochemistry and political science at Wellesley College. Prior to medical school, she pursued a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship in Southeast Asia and Europe, studying religious and cultural beliefs around organ donation. She then pursued empirical bioethics research at Mayo Clinic. She is pursuing a one-year MPH in Quantitative Methods at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health during M4 / Phase 3. She currently serves as a National Delegate to the AAMC OSR Administrative Board and looks forward to encouraging the bidirectional sharing of innovations happening in medical education at Geisel and across the nation. During her free time when off the wards, Amal enjoys outdoor recreation, writing and reading, arts and crafts, and baking for her friends and family.

Email: amal.w.cheema.med@dartmouth.edu

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Briggs Carhart

MD/Ph.D. Reps

Abby Keim

My name is Abby Keim and I’m a fourth-year student in the MD-PhD program. I’ve wrapped up my first two years (or Phase I) of classes at Geisel and am now working towards my PhD in Dr. Aaron McKenna’s lab! My project is focused on engineering CRISPR-Cas9 systems to enable lineage tracing in patient-derived xenograft models of cancer, particularly glioblastoma. Since I have a few years before returning to the clinical medical school phases, I’m undecided in my future path but have always been interested in neurology and am developing an interest in oncology. I’m currently a co-leader of Science Scholars and MD-PhD representative on the Medical Education Committee. In my free time I enjoy running, hiking with my dogs, and cross-country skiing. I’m looking forward to contributing the MD-PhD perspective to Student Government and helping to keep our unique cohort of students connected to the broader Geisel community!

Email: abigail.c.keim.gr@dartmouth.edu

Pauline Mochama

Hi there! I'm excited to serve as one of the MD/PhD reps as well as a community service rep for my class. I’m originally from Nairobi, Kenya but moved to Minnesota as a teen. I have a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s in Microbiology. I previously worked in various academic research positions before joining medical school. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, hosting, gardening (indoors and outdoors), watching comedy shows and vlogs, and journaling.

Email: pauline.k.mochama.med@dartmouth.edu

Thomas Skipper

I was born in Oxford, England before emigrating to Norwalk, Connecticut as a child. I went to Brown University for my undergraduate degree and studied Biomedical Engineering. After graduating, I worked on preclinical validation of new cancer targets from genome-scale CRISPR/Cas9 screens at the Broad Institute. By pursuing an MD/PhD at Dartmouth, I hope to become a physician-scientist and apply novel cancer biology from the lab to precision medicine in the clinic. In my free time, I enjoy reading, discovering new music, and following premier league soccer (football). I am loving my time at Dartmouth so far—from hiking in the fall, skiing in the winter, to mountain biking in the summer, every season has something new to offer and to get me outside!

Email: thomas.a.skipper.med@dartmouth.edu


Jonathan (Nathan) Busam

Jonathan is a fifth-year MD/MBA student at Dartmouth who grew up in New Jersey. The complex system of healthcare delivery, coupled with the idea of joining a community focused on serving others regardless of circumstance, drew Nathan into medicine. Clinically, he’s fascinated by addiction medicine and metabolic health, and extra-clinically he’s curious about how US healthcare payment reform can best deliver value to patients. Outside of medicine, he enjoys tennis, hiking, and cooking meals with friends.

Email: jonathan.busam.tu23@dartmouth.edu

Sean Halloran

Hi, I am Sean! I am an MD-MBA student in the class of 2024. I am from Jacksonville, FL and went to college in Sewanee, TN. My passions/interests include tennis and snowboarding. I am so excited to be serving as co-chair of community service. My goals for this year are to provide funding to service ideas and to provide service opportunities to become further involved in our community. Please reach out with any and all service ideas!!

Email: Sean.R.Halloran.MED@dartmouth.edu

TDI Reps
Sofia Patria
Shea Kelley