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Once Scarce, Neonatal Intensive Care Proliferates

Once Scarce, Neonatal Intensive Care Proliferates

Is NICU care being driven by medical need or competition? A new Dartmouth study finds nearly half of newborns in NICUs are normal birth weight. The Dartmouth Atlas of Neonatal Intensive Care offers the first comprehensive examination of U.S. neonatal care across large populations of newborns. The report raises questions about how medical care is provided to our nation’s newborns, particularly to those born premature or with other health problems.

David Goodman, MD, MS, co-principal investigator for the Dartmouth Atlas, with Richard “Dick” Fleming (D’53).

Charting a Course for Better Health Care

Delivering the right amount of service at a reasonable cost. “That’s the essence of the Dartmouth Atlas,” says Dick Fleming (D’53), “and what attracted me to learn more about it and to support it. I appreciate knowing that my gift will make a tangible contribution.”