Books and Chapters

Essential Systems-Based Anatomy book cover

Lyons VT (2021) Netter’s Essential Systems-Based Anatomy. 406 pages. Elsevier Inc.

Designed for clinically focused, introductory anatomy coverage, Netter’s Essential Systems-Based Anatomy provides superbly illustrated core content in anatomy in a concise, easy-to-understand format. This highly visual text contains student-friendly features such as basic information and vocabulary, key systems-based concepts, and interactive practice questions for review—all highlighted by outstanding illustrations by Frank H. Netter, MD, Carlos Machado, MD and other medical artists.

Disability as Diversity book cover

Peterson KH; Charlotte C; Ciesielski S; & Eidtson W. Realizing academic success within the health science learning environment. In L. M. Meeks & L. Neal-Boylan (Eds.), Disability as diversity: A guidebook for inclusion in medicine, nursing, and the health professions, 2020 (pp. 103-142).

Critically needed information that builds on prior work addressing gaps.

Includes lots of examples, templates and exemplars from all health sciences, especially in nursing Includes program development guidance

Applied Philosophy book cover

Konopasky A, Bunin JL, Varpio L. The Philosophy of Agency: Agency as a Protective Mechanism Against Clinical Trainees’ Moral Injury. In Applied Philosophy for Health Professions Education 2022 (pp. 157-171). Springer, Singapore.

An Introduction to Medical Teaching book cover

Artino AR, Simons RJ, Konopasky A. Self-regulated learning. In An Introduction to Medical Teaching 2022 (pp. 25-43). Springer, Cham.