Critical Approaches to Language and Equity (CALE)

Equity spelled out with Scrabble tiels

Research in the Critical Approaches to Language and Equity (CALE) Lab brings together linguistic and narrative tools with critical theories like Black Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, and Critical Disability Studies to both uncover and understand experiences of inequity and injustice. We use these findings to disrupt, educate, empower, and create change.

About Dr. Konopasky

Dr. Abby Konopasky holds a PhD in Educational Psychology from George Mason University and a PhD in Linguistics and Slavic Linguistics from Princeton University. She is the Director of Medical Education Research and Scholarship for the Geisel School of Medicine, where she uses her training in educational psychology, methodology, and language to help faculty members take scholarly approaches to medical education and build active research programs. She publishes qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research in medical education, with a research focus on equity, Black feminism, queer theory, and critical disability studies. She also serves on the editorial boards of Teaching and Learning in Medicine, Perspectives on Medical Education, and Advances in Health Sciences Education. She lives with her partner, two teenage children, and two unruly (and loud!) doggies in Takoma Park, MD.