Safety Net Resources and Websites

The following list of resources available at Dartmouth are compiled to aid our students in the event of an emergency and/or needed help.

Dartmouth College Safety and Security

College Health Insurance

Dartmouth College Health Services (Dick's House)

Geisel School Life and Disability Insurance

The Geisel School implemented a group disability insurance program for medical students in 1992. The stipulation for this group policy is that all students must participate in order to qualify for the low cost premiums of approximately $55/year. The Geisel School Student Government voted to accept this stipulation of 100 percent student participation in order to attain the low group rate. A sub-committee of Student Government conducts a regular review of the disability insurance policy and carrier to be sure it is meeting the needs of our students. Each student is charged the appropriate annual premium fee on his/her Fall term student bill.

Coverage Details: The disability insurance policy is underwritten by Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company, Chattanooga, Tennessee. Their phone number is 1-800-780-4685. You may contact them directly to obtain details about policy coverage.

Student Needs and Assistance Program (SNAP) at the Geisel School

SNAP is a Geisel School of Medicine Student Government peer program created to help students work through personal problems that may be hindering the learning process—including substance abuse, emotional setbacks, or physical challenges—in a healthy, confidential way. Members of SNAP include two elected representatives from each of the four classes and six faculty/staff members. Students are elected during their first year and serve for the four-year duration of their education at the Geisel School. They also serve as voting members of Student Government. See the SNAP webpage for more information regarding the role of SNAP. The MD-PhD Representatives for SNAP are Geoff Noble and Andrew Giustini.