Training Structure

The MD-PhD Program at Dartmouth is organized to permit students to achieve the full potential of both degrees in an efficient and effective manner while also developing an understanding of the health care system as a whole.

There are three major phases of training. Broadly stated, students complete M1 & M2 (Geisel School years 1 and 2), then their PhD graduate training, and finally M3 & M4 (Geisel School years 3 and 4). This is referred to here as a "2-P-2" structure.


  1. During the first two years, students complete M1 & M2 (Geisel School years 1 & 2), take up to three laboratory rotations, and choose their PhD graduate program and thesis lab.
  2. During the PhD thesis phase, students complete all requirements for their PhD thesis program and participate in clinical tutorials.
  3. Following completion of their thesis work, students complete M3 & M4 (Geisel School years 3 & 4).

For further details, please refer to the MD-PhD Student Handbook.