Recent student publications


Howe JR 6th, Li ES, Streeter SE, Rahme GJ, Chipumuro E, Russo GB, Litzky JF, Hills LB,

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Dumitru, A.M.G., Rusin, S.F., Clark, A.E.M., Kettenbach, A.N.; Compton, D.A. Cyclin

A/Cdk1 modulates Plk1 activity in prometaphase to regulate k-MT attachment stability. In

submission, Developmental Cell (2017).

Submitted/To be submitted soon

Hua C, Gacerez A, Sentman CL, Ackerman ME. Development of human scFvs targeting a novel

epitope of tumor antigen B7H6 with anti-tumor cell activity as Chimeric Antigen Receptors

(CARs) in T cells.

Hua C, Gacerez A, Sentman CL, Ackerman ME, Choi Y* and Bailey-Kellogg C*.

Computationally-driven identification of Antibody Epitopes. (*indicates equal contribution).

Hua C, Ackerman ME. Gain in Function through engineering HIV broadly neutralizing


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TW. Therapeutic sensitivity to Rac GTPase inhibition requires consequential suppression of
mTORC1, AKT, and MEK signaling in breast cancer." Oncotarget 8.13 (2017):
21806. Co-
First Authorship

Geller LT, Barzily-Rokni M, Danino T, Jonas O, Shental N, Najman D, Cooper ZA,
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biopsy” only partially complements tumor biopsy for identification of mutations in
metastatic breast cancer (Manuscript under review in PLOS One). Co-First Authorship

Rees CA, Burklund A, Stefanuto P-H, Schwartzman JD, Hill JE. Volatile
metabolic fingerprinting of bacterial and fungal pathogen groups. (Submitted).

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James R Howe, Emily S Li, Sarah E Streeter; Gilbert J Rahme; Edmond Chipumuro; Grace
B Russo; Julia F Litzky; L Benjamin Hills; Kyla R Rodgers; Patrick D Skelton;
Bryan W Luikart; MiR-338-3p Regulates Neuronal Differentiation and Suppresses
Glioblastoma Proliferation. PLoS ONE 2017; (in press)

Julia F Litzky, Maya A Deyssenroth, Todd M Everson, David A Armstrong, Luca
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Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Subfertility. Epigenetics (in press)

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Where We Need to Go. OBM Neurobiology 2017;1(1):002;

Insulin-mediated signaling facilitates resistance to PDGFR inhibition in proneural
hPDGFB-driven gliomas. Damian A Almiron Bonnin, Cong Ran, Matthew C Havrda, Huan
Liu, Yasuyuki Hitoshi, Zhonghua Zhang, Chao Cheng, Matthew Ung and Mark A
Israel. Mol Cancer Ther January 30 2017 DOI: 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-16-0616
(Publication chosen for cover of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics April issue)

Secretion-mediated STAT3 activation promotes Self-renewal of Glioma Stem-like Cells
during hypoxia. Damian A Almiron Bonnin et al. (under review in Oncogene)

Intratumoral heterogeneity determines 5-aminolevunic acid induced fluorescence in GBM.
Damian A Almiron Bonnin et al. (In preparation for submission/planning to
submit by the end of June)


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mediated through a reactive oxygen species-dependent pathway. Oncotarget.
2016;7(3):2809-2822. doi:10.18632/oncotarget.6465.

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(*indicates equal contribution)

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