Dartmouth provides one or two year housing for graduate students in their North Park apartments. Once accepted, make sure you apply as early as possible for a spot. Other alternatives are to rent a nearby apartment owned by Dartmouth or local renters. A good starting point for finding housing is the Dartmouth Real Estate site. Also, email Geisel School—as it keeps a list of incoming students looking for housemates.


Plan on having spending money for living expenses for the first 2 months. While your stipend will begin immediately, it might take a little while to receive it while you set up direct deposit. Dartmouth does not offer reimbursement for moving expenses. To set up a direct deposit account, visit Payroll/Employee Information Services. You will also need a US based banking account. See here for a list of local banks.


Once you are admitted, you will be assigned an email address which you can access even before you arrive on campus. See Dartmouth Information Technology Services for more information.

IDs & Parking

Your student ID will be given to you at medical school orientation. However, if you arrive early on campus (i.e. in the summer) you may visit the Dartmouth Card Services office in Thayer Dining Hall to obtain your ID card.

Parking is managed on campus by the Dartmouth Safety and Security office. Instructions are given at medical school orientation. If you arrive early, simply visit their office on campus at Rope Ferry Road.

International Students (F1 Visa students)

The MD-PhD program at Dartmouth has a large international presence. Below are resources that may be helpful as you make your transition to Dartmouth:

The Office of Visa and Immigration Services

44 North College Street, Suite 6202

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH 03755

Telephone: (603) 646-3474

Fax: (603) 646-1616

This office will issue your I-20 form stating your status as a student on visa. It will also help issue your Employment Authorization Document (EAD card) for any Optional Practical Training (OPT) experiences that you may choose to have during your PhD or MD years. Remember to always keep your passport close to you. Always carry it when traveling out of town, but it's a good idea to carry a photocopy of it in your car for extra identification. If you have a valid US drivers license, this may not be necessary.