From M2 to PhD Phase

The MD-PhD program at the Geisel School requires that several requirements be met before students are permitted to transition from the MD to PhD phase:

  1. USMLE Step 1 must be taken and passed
  2. Rotations (if applicable) must be completed

From PhD to M3

The following requirements are to ensure that your reentry into M3 is as seamless as possible:

  1. As soon as possible, get onto the class email list(s) for the class that you are entering into for official announcements. Contact Tina Wilcox to set this up.
  2. Reactivate and/or update your DMEDS access. If you encounter difficulties, contact Brian Reid with computing services.
  3. Engage in Pre-Rounds. This is involves following a medical team in the morning as they do their morning rounds. It only takes part of one morning prior to the start of M3. Although not required, it might help clarify some of your clinical responsibilities prior to going through the clerkship lottery. Sign up for this via DMEDS. More information will be presented during the lottery meetings.
  4. Obtain a new DHMC ID. The ID office is located at DHMC on the 5th floor and is directly above the main information desk. As of June 2011, the hours were Mon, Wed, and Thurs from 1-2pm. Call (603) 650-7896 for more information.
  5. Be aware that there are various Clerkship Lottery meetings from January through April. Elizabeth Johns, the clerkship director, will most likely contact you first.
  6. Clinical Skills Refresher Course: This course requires 16hrs of clinical experience and can be done in various specialties i.e. Medicine, Pediatrics, etc. The MD-PhD program Asst. Director, will be your initial contact to set these up after which, you'll be in direct contact with the physician in charge.
  7. Verify that immunization requirements are met as these may have changed since M1 orientation. Contact Diane Cook, Medical Records supervisor at Dick's House to get updated information. Certain away sites may require evidence for a more recent immunization of the following (listed in order of descending likelihood): Pertussis, Hep B titer, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Varicella.
  8. PPD Screen: Try to do this with your entering class. If, however, you miss this chance, then contacts Dick's House. Note that there may be a small charge for this test at Dick's House.
  9. IV, Phlebotomy, & VA Paperwork: Training for this happens in early May. Elizabeth Johns will contact you first.
  10. Basic Life Support (BLS) occurs in early May. Tina Wilcox will contact you about this.
  11. Occupation Safety Health Administration (OSHA) training. Plan to sit in on part of the DHMC new hire orientation before starting clerkships. You can arrange this through Tina Wilcox.
  12. Contact Geisel Finance to make certain that the letter waiving your tuition is sent as the bill is due in early June--right before reentry into M3.
  13. Make certain that your finance information is up to date with the MD-PhD Office since the source of your stipend will change in late June.
  14. Email Michele Jaeger (M3 & M4 Registrar) to set your status to active for the summer term. This will prevent a lapse in communication from important offices that would otherwise ensue.