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Upper Valley Climate

New Hampshire is one of six states comprising the New England region. Changes in weather occur fairly often within the four seasons. You will be arriving during the start of the fall season, in mid August—a truly beautiful time of the year in New England.

The shorter, cooler days start sometime in October, but snow often doesn't fall until November—usually, shortly after Thanksgiving. Once it has started falling and sticking, don't expect to see much of the ground until about April! From December to February, the temperature is typically between 10* and 35* F (-12* and 2* C) throughout the day.

Winter—is it really that bad?

This is, perhaps, one of the most asked questions regarding the weather here in the Upper Valley. If you come adequately prepared, you'll be just fine and may even find that you enjoy the change in seasons! The great thing is that there are a lot of outdoor activities you can engage in during the winter.

How to prepare for winter

If you've never lived in a winter climate, you may not have the things you need to get through a New England winter. Here are some things to consider purchasing:

The good news is that even though the winter in Hanover is cold, most days are sunny, bright and far from gloomy. It's a beautiful place in all types of weather, so make the most of it by enjoying it!

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