Faculty Handbook

Documents on this website pertain to policies and guidelines governing faculty affairs at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and take precedence over all other policies and guidelines governing Geisel faculty, no matter where published, unless otherwise noted on this website. Faculty members at Geisel include (a) individuals who are employed by Dartmouth and have been granted a faculty appointment, and (b) individuals who are not employed by Dartmouth, but have been granted a Dartmouth faculty appointment.

The documents on this website are also relevant to non-faculty academics at Geisel (i.e., Research Scientists, Research Associates, and Research Fellows) who fall under the oversight of the Office of Faculty Affairs.

If not addressed in the Geisel Faculty Handbook, faculty and non-faculty academics who are employees of Dartmouth College should refer to appropriate Dartmouth sources for information, policies and guidelines that pertain broadly to faculty, staff and students at Dartmouth (e.g., to Human Resources for information on benefits). Faculty and non-faculty academics at Geisel who are either employees of or work on-site at one of Geisel's clinical academic partners may also be subject to certain policies of those entities.

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