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QBS handbook

QBS on-campus spaces

QBS courses meet on the Hanover campus and at DHMC in Lebanon.

  • Hanover: View the interactive campus map to find your way around the Hanover campus. If you are driving to campus, park in Dewey lot. If you are taking the free Advance Transit bus, find your schedule and bus stops on their website.
  • Lebanon: QBS students with cars can get a parking permit to allow free parking in the Borwell lot at DHMC.
  • Lebanon: The Zimmerman Student Lounge is a newly renovated space at the DHMC-Lebanon campus that provides a large student lounge and study facility for all Geisel students, with specific space for relaxation, group study, and gathering. Located on the fourth floor of the Rubin Building.
  • Study space: Email Amanda Helali to reserve a study room.
  • Refer to your syllabus for information about TA times and rooms.

Program Leadership

Scott Gerber, PhD

QBS Director
Dr. Gerber's lab develops high-throughput mass spectrometry technology and bioinformatics methods for the analysis of proteins and their post-translational modifications in complex biological processes such as cell division and tumorigenesis.

H. Robert Frost

H. Robert Frost, PhD

QBS Associate Director
Dr. Frost's research focuses on the development of novel bioinformatics and biostatistical methods for high-dimensional data analysis. Applied research areas include gene set testing, gene-gene and gene-environment interactions, biomedical ontologies and cancer genomics. Statistical topics of interest include penalized regression, principal component analysis, random matrix theory and optimization.

Michael Whitfield, PhD

Chair of Biomedical Data Science
Dr. Whitfield's work focuses on is Precision Medicine in systemic sclerosis (SSc). His laboratory is identifying gene expression biomarkers that subset SSc patients, predict clinical endpoints, and assess response to therapy. The lab is focused on understanding the pathophysiology of the disease, analyzing molecular data from SSc clinical trials, perform network analyses on SSc genomic data, and using this information for drug repositioning efforts.

Margaret Karagas, PhD

Chair of Epidemiology
Professor Karagas' research encompasses interdisciplinary studies to illuminate the etiology of human cancers, along with adverse pregnancy and children's health outcomes. Her work seeks to identify emerging environmental exposures, host factors and mechanisms - that impact health from infancy to adult life, and to apply novel methods and technologies to understand disease pathogenesis.

Administrative staff

Monica Espinoza, PhD

MS Curriculum Director

Kristine Giffin, PhD

Kristine Giffin, PhD

Director of Academic and Student Affairs

Amanda Helali, MA

Program Coordinator

Who Do I Ask on the Administrative Staff?

Monica Espinoza, PhD - MS Curriculum Director

  • All students: General financial questions
  • MS Students: Advising, Capstone Placement
  • Faculty/TAs: Teaching equipment, Scheduling

Kristine Giffin, PhD - Director of Academic and Student Affairs

  • All students: Canvas/Banner questions, Independent Studies, Independent Journal Clubs
  • PhD students: Advising, Qualifying exam, Defense prep
  • Faculty: Canvas/Banner/Grading questions, Student performance

Amanda Helali, MA - Program Coordinator

  • All students: Orientation information, Reimbursements, Tuition questions, Social Committee, QBS events, General inquiries
  • MS students: Degree completion materials
  • PhD students: Stipends/TA payments/Student employment questions